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379. Code Geass’ Dirty Secret to Success… and I Mean Dirty

Posted on January 12, 2007 at 5:24 am by ()
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Now, a while back I wrote a post about getting into Code Geass. I also wrote about how I was surprised by it’s high level of achievement on the awesome-scale but I had no idea why it was that awesome and addicting. Note that if you dont come here often or read my stuff , I’m more of a shoujo/josei/romancy show type of guy. And though I do like the occasional action/adventure/shoot ’em up series, it usually isn’t on the top of my to-watch list if there’s something else, say, something like Nana for instance.

Now to the topic at hand. Code Geass Episode 12. HO SHI-. First off, the ending was a splendid scene. I love scenes where there is something falling, and in this case, rain. These melancholy -LOL- type scenes are what I live for. Code Geass has this ability to make endings that make you drool for the next episode, and this was one of them. It was simply great and now I cant concentrate in school because I’m thinking of episode 13 -slight exaggeration-.

That is one conclusion I reached. The other reason is this: (Read More »»»)

377. Hana Yori Dango Live Season2 Episode 1 – Model With A Vengence

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I dunno if I’m hardcore enough to start calling Hana Yori Dango “Handan”, but the moment I heard that there was a season 2, I couldn’t go long without thinking about it and drooling all over myself. Let me start off by telling you my long arduous adventure. But speaking of subs, if you’re still looking for them, go to arashi.vox for soft subs. From episode 2 on, she’ll be releasing hardsubs, so I’m very thankful I didn’t have to redownload 1.3 gigs. Poor girl. Apparently she’s also being messaged 24/7 about downloads and stuff. The moment her site was linked on d-addicts, I bet her hit count skyrocketed to outer space but so much pressure was suddenly pushed on her. Thanks again, arashi!

So my adventure. It was worth it in the end. The wait, that is. After I heard about the subs, I would refresh arashi.vox’s page and the d-addicts thread every couple of minutes in hopes that some new news would show up. I did it for an entire night on Sunday, and when I finally gave up… she uploaded it on Clubbox. Now for those not in the know, Clubbox is all in Korean so I didn’t bother to go through the walkthroughs. I just had the suffer a long day of school. (Read More »»»)

376. Mythical Creatures, They Are Not

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Inspired by this, I’m going to do a quick post. Ooooh, I’m so adventurous.

Here was a conversation I had with my friend in the morning:

“Hey man, how’s it going with the situation with her?”
Dude. I dont know. One moment she’s ignoring me, not giving me the time of day. Then later, she’ll be all nice and wont stop talking to me through AIM… God damn tsunderes, man.
Uh, nevermind.

So there we have it. Tsunderes are not fantasy, they are indeed, real living creatures. They wear human skin so watch out.

375. The Anime Graduation Paper and Me Part 3

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One again, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Parts 1 and 2.

(Read More »»»)

374. Genshiken Episode 13 OVA- Fapped More to This Than Ero-Doujin

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I put off watching this episode until now because Genshiken is one of my top two favorite anime of all time -Hachikuro being the other series, of course- and I felt that if this episode did not get my full 100% attention, it would be blasphemy. I’ve been keeping myself back for two nights now because I was sleepy, and if there was a chance that there would be a moment where I would think of anything that ISN’T related Genshiken, then that would not be the time.

When the time came, OH it was good. Sure, it’s pretty loyal to the manga, so it may bore some people, but just being able to watch it animated again, it just felt so good. When season 1 finished, I felt like crying -note: I didn’t really, but I was welling up-. I wasn’t going to cry because the scenes were moving, but it was a series where I felt such a good connection, I didn’t want it to stop. I wish it was like One Piece: it never ends. This episode really brought back those amazing feelings. (Read More »»»)

373. The Anime Graduation Paper and Me Part 2

Posted on January 5, 2007 at 5:25 am by ()
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First off, thank you to all those who helped me with suggestions for part 1. I have yet to make any changes because of my lack of time, but odds are, I will just do what everyone suggests me to do… you know, unless it’s a suggestion like “Delete it all and fill it with pics of traps” or something. Only then, I would half consider it.

Either way, here’s the next part. Again, any suggestions would be appreciated as I’m still down by around 500 words. : (Read More »»»)

369. The Anime Graduation Paper and Me Part 1

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So for a year+ now I’ve mentioned here or there that I will be writing a graduation paper of sorts on the subject of anime. I’ve known that I had to prepare and perfect said paper for a while now… and I didn’t start it until two nights ago. Luckily it’s on anime, because it wasn’t too horribly boring.

For those in the know, I’m talking about my Extended Essay for the IB program. If I dont do well on the essay -and I’m already planning on tanking one IB test: Spanish-, then I’m not getting the damn diploma and I’ve wasted all this damn time for absolutely nothing. But now I’ve learned the truth. Already seeing four of my friends get into well known schools in the area who are not going for this stupid IB diploma, I’ve realized that being full IB and doing this essay will mean jack anyways as I’ll get the advance diploma by default anyways.

So in short, what I’m about to present to you is essentially a draft. It does not contain all my passion and heart that I have for anime, so it is not one of my greatest pieces. It’s not due until Febuary, so if you’d like to give me some more ideas to make it… say… 500+ words longer, by all means, please do. Hell, you can even write some for me if you wish. I will break it into n number parts as it’s around 3000 words. First up, the intro.

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365. Nodame Cantabile Live Episode 11 (Finale) – Baby Please. Dont Leave Me!

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And so ends one of my favorite doramas of all time. If only I was in Japan, it’d be the best Christmas present of all time. But alas, it was a good… New Years present?

I’m having a hard time writing this final post because I just dont want it to end. I mean, really, what else can I say besides “It was so amazingly orgasmic, I could fap to this episode?” That should pretty much sum it all up. I really dont think that the anime can be the same high level of quality -this is just too good-, but I will at least be able to get myself some Nodame/Chiaki action until… SEASON 2?! HMMM?

… okay, this is just hopeful wishing. There has been no word of a Nodame Cantabile II… yet? Maybe, just maybe, since the manga has not ended, it will pull a NANA 2 and give us a sequel. There SHOULD still be stuff to work with. As long as they dont change the cast… I should stop. I’m drooling now. (Read More »»»)

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