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391. We’re Not One Of You! Look At Our Rooms Part 2 *Caliburn Edition*

Posted on January 28, 2007 at 6:00 am by ()
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Hahaha, oh wow. How can I follow up on Os’s room entry? I mean, damn. Frilly curtains, hello kitty stuffed animal and beanie. Whew… Well I hate to disapoint the lot of you looking for a good laugh if Os got your hopes up but my rooms a bit not-so-feminine.

The deal with my Room is that, at first glance, it’s not really the room you would expect of someone who writes on an aniblog. It’s more or less just your typical college students room, well, a bit neater than a typical college students room. But if you look close enough, beneath the surface you’ll see some tell tale signs of an Otaku living there. I’m gonna one up Os on this entry and include pictures of my room and if you click on them you can see them in a nice High resolution.

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387. Le Portrait de Petit Cossette: Something with a French title that doesn’t fail!

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Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. I don’t know why But I had never watched it up until yesterday afternoon. A number of people had told me to check it out, for like, a year, it was on a Recommended Viewing tab at Anime News Network. Yet I never bothered to look into it that much. I feel a bit foolish for waiting all this time. Just the other day I found myself at Suncoast Video for the first time in about a year. After sifting through a literal maze of pocky and Naruto headbands I came up on the anime section. Now, The reason why I ventured into such a hell hole like Suncoast was simple, I had a $25 gift certificate from Christmas, and I figured I would buy 1 DVD with it, or at least pay off most of one, considering the amount of price gouging that Suncoast does. Seriously, why do people shop there? Oh right, they don’t know any better.

To my surprise though I saw a big sign there that said “ALL GENEON TITLES: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE” I figured, hell yeah score, I could get two DVD’s for free or very near it now. Five minutes later after sifting through the Geneon section I realized that they almost only license shoujo and shit. Seriously, god damn. Then down towards the bottom shined a light, and that light was the Hellsing Ultimate OVA and Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. I had decided that I wanted to try out Cossette and I knew Hellsing’s OVA was awesome, so my purchase was made, after much arguing with the clerk that I did NOT want to order Naruto’s next DVD and that I wanted him to die. Later on in the day I popped in Cossette’s DVD and got down to business.

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367. A big Cross-Series Update: By Caliburn

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You’ve probably all forgotten me by now, but I’m a writer here on Karoshi, my name’s Caliburn. Lately I’ve been way too busy to watch anime, let alone blog about it, with parties, school work, video games (Still can’t put down Gears of War), and my lovely new Wii in the way. But here I’ll give you all a quick sum up of how I think things are going with the series I was tracking.

Death Note: This was my top pick for the season at first, but I haven’t watched any of it since episode five. Why is this? I don’t really know, the directing and scenes in episode one were FANTASTIC in my opinion, the music, scenery and artwork is pretty top notch. but as I waded through the episodes I realized that Death Note is just better suited to be a manga. There are so many thought provoking inner monologues and mind games that it just doesn’t look good on the screen. Also, I feel like it’s moving really fast. When I first got into the Death Note manga, there were four volumes out in English by Viz, so I’ve just been picking those up as they come out. No scanslations or anything, the long gap and lengthy amount of time it would take for me to read through a volume felt just right. I’m not sure if some other people feel the same way as I do about this, perhaps it’s because I have some more unique circumstances with the way I paced my reading of the manga.

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337. My Ordeal with Strawberry Marshmallow Volume 2

Posted on December 9, 2006 at 6:00 am by ()
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Some of you may recall Os’s earlier ordeal concerning his purchase of Volume 2 of Strawberry Marshmallow (Ichigo Mashimaro) at his Borders. At the time, I laughed at him and mocked him severely for not doing the smart thing and just ordering it online, like I did with volume one. Well, here’s the part where I eat my words. I was at my local Borders Express at the Mall earlier today to seek out some Ranma 1/2 early volumes (It’s a classic and I’m missing a few). Then I see two offers, one for double Rewards points, and another that said buy 4 get 1 free. Let me just make a few things clear here, I’m 21 years old, The way I act and dress outside wouldn’t lead people to think I’m a fan of anime or manga, all throughout high school I was a proud headbanger and metal head. In fact, I hardly ever reveal my fandom to anyone, I’m just paranoid/insecure like that. From this point on, anything you see in italics is what I was thinking at the moment and of course the *’s indicate actions. But anyway, here’s how the trip went:

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308. Tsukihime – There goes the last of my free time

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Well, as you may or may not know, the awesome staff over at mirror moon released their much anticipated translation of Tsukihime. You might be familiar with the short but still half-decent anime, or maybe you’ve seen/heard of Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime’s an H-Game by the group that brought you all of the aforementioned, Type-Moon. Instead of just running around banging your generic lolis, childhood friends, and ragingly horny beast girls, Tsukihime is a less of an H-Game and more of a light interactive novel. It’s filled with text, plot and character development, you really et to know the ladies and their pasts. THEN you bang them. 😀

I kid (sorta…) Since the english patch bomb was release on the 5th I’ve been playing through it every chance I get, the timings pretty bad for me though, with a load of school work, and two games released that I’m well addicted to it’s really become a conflict of interests that only a flip of the coin can solve: if it’s heads, Gears of War, tails, Tsukihime. since Tails won yesterday I finished up and got both Arcuieds True and Good ending. Arcuides fine and all, but I’ve already seen the anime, while the game does explain things a whole lot better than the show, I want new territory. Once the games beat new options and choices open up, I guess… logically, I should go for Akiha or Ciel next… (Read More »»»)

285. Death Note 03 – Crime’s easy when your dad’s a cop

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What’s going on?
Light’s been casually playing his role as God for a little while now and is pretty eased into things and the way that it works. While he enjoys his few hours a day dedicated to jotting down the names of those he has deemed unworthy of life, the NPA has begun to assemble a team of Japanese police officers who are working with the infamous detective L to track down and capture Kira. The details they know of are scarce, but the pattern so far has been constant criminal deaths that are focused around a few hours during the day, common hours that a student would have free.

The Chief of the NPA’s division dedicated to tracking down Kira is revealed to be none other than Lights father. With the chief living in his own home and a computer he can easily get into with a quick share or remote desktop jump, the balls squarely in his court. Every move they make is carefully monitored by Light every day.

A new way to use the Death Note.
When he learns that they have started to suspect Kira is a student, Light develops his first trick with the established rules of the Death Note. If he writes a criminals name, they die of a heart attack within 40 seconds. But if he were to write the cause of death as “heart attack” he would then have an additional 6 minutes and 40 seconds to write the details, which include the time of death, if he so wishes… (Read More »»»)

282. Negima?! 02 – Robo nudity!

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Oh yeah, this episode had FULL NUDITY of… Chachamaru! Robot boobs ftw! Oh yeah, there was plenty of delicious Evangeline to go around as well. I don’t know if I praised the artwork enough with my last entry, but really, it’s not up tot he level of Akamatsu but then again, who can really reproduce his stuff? …Other than Big Boss… Some of you pervs know who I’m talking about. Even though it’s not Ken level, it’s still extremely pleasing to the eyes to see it all in motion on the screen. It’s pretty impressive how they juggle several different styles or art and angling hich they employ in different situations.

What I mean by this is how well they tranisition between these changes. The flashbacks to the epic battle between Evangeline and Nagi (Thousand Master, Negi’s father) are done in a very gritty, mature style with fluid motions and almost a Gankutsuo feel to it in some areas. Then you’ve got the present time serious scenes, with different camera lenses and angles put to use along with a more dynamic and strong shading and contrast. Finally there are the scenes in the classroom where everybody’s having a good time and the show takes on it’s more humerous appeal, those are usually the brightest and most colorful scenes per episode and are really the only time given to get to know some of the girls so far. (Read More »»»)

272. Death Note 02 – A Challenger has arrived

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Episode two’s out already and things begin to heat up with the introduction of L, the famous detective who has solved cases deemed unsolvable around the world. L is my personal favorite character in all of Death Note, he’s a perfect mirror reflection of Light and it’s my thinking that if it were L that happened across the Death Note, there’s a chance he may have done the exact thing that Light is doing now. This is the point where the mind games and psychological tactics between the two begin.

Since the first episode, Lights been getting into a routine with the introduction of the Death Note into his life. In order to keep suspicion off of him he concludes that he must maintain his full grades, get plenty of sleep, and still spend time at cram school and other normal activites. This only leaves him with a bit of time to actually spend with the Death Note writing down the names of criminals. You can see that Light quickly develops two sides to his character, his true side, that is, the man who uses the Death Note to make himself a God, and a false act that he puts up for his family and everybody around him.

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