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269. Negima?! 01 – Evangeline’s a badass.

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Welcome back to Mahora campus, located in the middle of a city with lush greenery all around, bustling shops, an entire island turned into a library and a giant all girls school campus with classes from kindergarden up through college. This is where our story takes place, and our main man is Negi Springfield, a ten year old crybaby from Whales who’s aim is to be a great mage like his father, the legendary Thousand Master, whom he’s never met. For those who don’t know, Negima?! is an all new remake of the Mahou Sensei Negima series. If you haven’t seen the previous anime, please make NO EFFORT to do so, otherwise it will likely ruin Negima for you. Yeah, it’s that bad. Xebec needs to burn for it.

Instead of attempting (and failing) at following the manga directly as the last series did, this series is being regarded as a “retake” instead of a “remake”, this means things are gonna be a bit different this time around, but the basic picture’s still the same. Right from the first episode, if you’ve read or watched Negima previously, you’ll notice a few small changes, such as the closer relationship with Setsuna and Konoka very early on. Nodoka doesn’t seem so deathly afraid of all men and almost immediately develops an interest in Negi. Kamo’s with Negi right from the very start as well, instead of waiting an episode or two to pop up and cause some trouble. Oh yeah, the biggest change I’ve noticed? Evangeline’s badass factor has SKYROCKED. (Read More »»»)

263. Death Note 01 – A God is born.

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This is the big one, the anime I’ve been waiting for since the first time I picked up volume one of the Death Note manga, and it’s looking like this will be epic. Right from the opening they bust out some of the best artwork i’ve seen in an anime, staying extremely true and faithful to the manga’s very detailed, and sharp style. The music’s pretty damn good too,The opening song’s called ” The World” by Nightmare. Lots of fast and bumping zooms and dark, moody settings with rainfall throughout as you get a look at Light with a constant bright mask of blood red about him, L with a deep blue tone of color about him to counter Light, and Misa who only makes a small appearance as she trudges through the rain. I just can’t stop raving about how great all of this looks, seriously one of the best opening sequences for an anime I’ve seen in a while.

You can tell that a lot of love and money went into Death Note from the obviously large production values that were packing into this first episode, which I pray is present throughout the series. Death Note’s a completely plot and visually driven show, and it can’t afford to suffer from horrible animation productions, like NHK is currently facing. With this first episode we get a peek at the barren wasteland that is the Shinigami’s world, as well as meet our protagonist (wait… maybe antagonist is more fitting) Light Yagami. Light’s a straight edge, top class student, scoring in the top ranks of all of Japan in nationalized standard testing. He’s the pride and joy of his family and seems to be just naturally talented at everything he does. However… (Read More »»»)

253. Series Wrapup: Utawarerumono – I declare war on the world!

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Utawarerumono, a series that went unreviewed here at Karoshi, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t watching it. Well, I was, Os was too busy turning lesbian while watching Marimite. Jokes aside, just recently the 26th episode aired and the series came to a close, leaving many of us with more questions than answers. How did Hakuoro or “Iceman” as he’s sometimes called in flashbacks, get that mask? why? How does it allow him to transform and become immortal? Just WHAT happened to split him into two? As well as a plethora of other questions about Hakky’s questionable origin. But setting that whole mess of holes and unanswered questions, we have an overall good end to an anime. It’s conclusive in a way, but leaves plenty of speculation as to the final fate of Hakuoro.

I gotta admit, right from the start Uta had me intrigued, mainly because of the horrendously long and hard to pronounce and spell name! Everything about the anime plays out as if it were a Strategy RPG (which makes sense, considering it’s an adaptation of one…) with large scale wars, big battlefields, and your occasional hero character that can wipe the floor with the grunts. The way that more people join Hakuoro’s party is just like what you would expect in a S.RPG, the further down the line the anime progresses, the stronger the allies that join. (Read More »»»)

254. Series Wrapup: Muteki Kanban Musume – Street Sharks Z!

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Here we go, another series has come to a close and I’m here to write about it. Muteki Kanban Musume was another series that went unreviewed here at Karoshi, Os didn’t review it cause the girls weren’t all lovey-dovey, and I didn’t review it because I didn’t really start watching it again until a couple weeks ago. The fact is, with MKM I had orignally caught it as it started and dropped it after three episodes, not finding myself very amused by the lame slapstick jokes and odd “evil face” artwork. Kankuro’s constant “nyaing” also drove me away a bite, feeling a little weirded out by it all.

However, message and image boards can be a real pain sometimes, I quit out right before the teacher joined the cast and kept seeing images and gif’s of her Sadako (from Ringu/The Ring) parodies floating all around. Eventually I gave up and bit again and was hooked. The first three episodes are really slow to start, and it’s not until you can get to know the characters a bit better as well as the setting before you can find yourself able to enjoy the jokes to thier fullest comedic value. I look back on those first three episodes where my interest faded into oblivion and find myself able to laugh at what I previously thought was just not that funny. (Read More »»»)

202. Enchanted Arms – Xbox 360 tries to be Japanese

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What’s that? This is an anime blog? Not a game review site? MEH. If you’ve had any interest in this game then by now you’ve probably read a review or two. Hey, I could have reviewed this as well with only three hours under my belt, but I waited until I was done to speak my mind of this game. Anyway, Enchanted Arms ([eM] -eNCHANT arM- in Japan) is the first JAPANESE styled RPG to hit the 360, finally giving life to a genre completely dead to the Microsoft brand.

It has a strong blend of visuals that combine a real world setting and character designs for humans with the anime styled golems. It’s an interesting way to go about it, and it really brings a stark difference to the humans and the golems with more human-like appearances. You can say that From Software, the developers, were trying to bring a very classic RPG style and blend it with American and European influences. The graphics are stunning in their own right, with very bright and vibrant colors, a lot of attention paid to detail. It makes you really wish you could explore a lot more of the world than your limited to. (Read More »»»)

237. Anime or Games – A choice nobody should have to make

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Heaven or Hell, Let's Rock!

Anime or games, what would you choose? Hello all, I’m Caliburn, I’m an anime enthusiast as well as a hardcore gamer. Two hobbies which seem have have a lot of common fans between them. However, as of late I’ve hit a huge dillemma. Over the summer, it was all anime all the time. There were no games except for the occasional portable that was released which I would pick up. But then D-Day hit. By D-Day I mean August 30th, when the video game industry dropped a bomb on me and released Disgaea 2, Saints Row, Enchanted Arms, and Ultimate Ghosts n’ Goblns at once. So now I’m torn between addictions.

Whenever there’s a free moment the question pops in my head, do I play a game, watch a random anime, or watch an anime I should blog about. Naturally the last option is laughed out and immediately dismissed, much to the dismay of my partner (Fight-o! Os! One entry a day!). And it comes down to sitting back and watching an anime or taking the controller and playing a game. Since I’m a college student and have a demanding part-time job, there’s no room for both, it’s one or the other.

So, is there anyone else out there having the same predicament? Four awesome games just came out at once (And I’ve picked up Megaman ZX just a few days ago, ouch my poor bank account T-T) so there’s gotta be someone who’s in the same boat as me with one or two of these games. I know Os was earlier blogging about choosing to watch anime over getting prepped for college, but his predicament is different. He’s just signing up for a lifetime job at Burger King. His choices are something he likes and something boring. Me? I’m choosing between two things that I love.

*Sigh* …maybe I’ll just blog about the games …hmm…… that’s a win – win right there… if anyone cares, that is.

236. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 23 – I’m a murderer, I’ll be a burden…

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Higurashi 23, personally speaking, has quickly become my favorite episode in the series. Watching Rena quickly degrade and backed into a corner where she finds that her only option is to kill was just great. The only thing better than the buildup to the murders was the fact that we actually got to watch her put that hooked cleaver to good use finally! This episode had me dying for the DVD version at the scenes where Rena murdered Rina and Teppei, as all the gore (aka the good stuff!) was masked by a black coverup.

This episode didn’t seem to present much in the way of answers to some of the questions in Onikakushi, a lot of time was spent driving the plot of this arc alone, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It did present more information about Rena which could or could not be used to draw conclusions in Onikakushi. Rena has a deep mistrust of other people and feels that there is nobody she can go to when there is trouble afoot. She also has the capacity in her to take a life, not just after being caught up in the heat of a fight, but to lure a lone, but dangerous, man out and ram a cleaver into his skull.

To be honest, after seeing this episode? Rena’s my kinda girl.
(Read More »»»)

225. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 22 – I’m not unhappy…

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Episode 22 of Higurashi and we’re supposedly starting the Answer Arc to Onikakushi. I say supposedly because this story’s taking a whole new direction. While Maeakashi was a direct retelling of Watanagashi but by our resident psychopath Shion’s point of view, Tsumihoroboshi (this arc) is done from Rena’s perspective and finally offers us some real insight into Rena’s character and life. However it’s not a direct retelling like Maeakashi, this will give us the answers we’re all looking for AND tell us a new story along the way. I don’t know how they’re planning on doing it but I’m ready to find out! Just to note, i’ve also been told that the answer arc for Tatarigoroshi, called Minagoroshi works in the same way, different direction, questions will be answered.

Before I start I just wanna get a few things clear on the Arcs, since even I get messed up with thier names

Question Arc (in order of airing) ———— Answer Arc

Onikakushi ——————————— Tsumihoroboshi

Watanagashi ——————————— Maeakashi

Tatarigoroshi ——————————— Minagoroshi

Hima tsubushi —————————— Matsuribiyashi (thanks, Rift)

I don’t know what the Answer Arc is called (if there is an answer arc) to Hima tsubushi (The time wasting chapter). But are we all clear? Cool. Let’s move on. (Read More »»»)

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