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285. Death Note 03 – Crime’s easy when your dad’s a cop

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What’s going on?
Light’s been casually playing his role as God for a little while now and is pretty eased into things and the way that it works. While he enjoys his few hours a day dedicated to jotting down the names of those he has deemed unworthy of life, the NPA has begun to assemble a team of Japanese police officers who are working with the infamous detective L to track down and capture Kira. The details they know of are scarce, but the pattern so far has been constant criminal deaths that are focused around a few hours during the day, common hours that a student would have free.

The Chief of the NPA’s division dedicated to tracking down Kira is revealed to be none other than Lights father. With the chief living in his own home and a computer he can easily get into with a quick share or remote desktop jump, the balls squarely in his court. Every move they make is carefully monitored by Light every day.

A new way to use the Death Note.
When he learns that they have started to suspect Kira is a student, Light develops his first trick with the established rules of the Death Note. If he writes a criminals name, they die of a heart attack within 40 seconds. But if he were to write the cause of death as “heart attack” he would then have an additional 6 minutes and 40 seconds to write the details, which include the time of death, if he so wishes… (Read More »»»)

273. And You Thought Aya Looked Good Cosplaying Haruhi…

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This is clearly superior. Caliburn refuses to talk about the Death Note seiyuu so I’ll do it. Truthfully, like him, I usually dont pay much attention to the seiyuu but when I learned Aya Hirano was doing Misa Misa, I got excited. And heck, I’m not even a member of Haruhiism or Ayaism. All this peer presure must be getting to me. But most importantly…
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272. Death Note 02 – A Challenger has arrived

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Episode two’s out already and things begin to heat up with the introduction of L, the famous detective who has solved cases deemed unsolvable around the world. L is my personal favorite character in all of Death Note, he’s a perfect mirror reflection of Light and it’s my thinking that if it were L that happened across the Death Note, there’s a chance he may have done the exact thing that Light is doing now. This is the point where the mind games and psychological tactics between the two begin.

Since the first episode, Lights been getting into a routine with the introduction of the Death Note into his life. In order to keep suspicion off of him he concludes that he must maintain his full grades, get plenty of sleep, and still spend time at cram school and other normal activites. This only leaves him with a bit of time to actually spend with the Death Note writing down the names of criminals. You can see that Light quickly develops two sides to his character, his true side, that is, the man who uses the Death Note to make himself a God, and a false act that he puts up for his family and everybody around him.

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263. Death Note 01 – A God is born.

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This is the big one, the anime I’ve been waiting for since the first time I picked up volume one of the Death Note manga, and it’s looking like this will be epic. Right from the opening they bust out some of the best artwork i’ve seen in an anime, staying extremely true and faithful to the manga’s very detailed, and sharp style. The music’s pretty damn good too,The opening song’s called ” The World” by Nightmare. Lots of fast and bumping zooms and dark, moody settings with rainfall throughout as you get a look at Light with a constant bright mask of blood red about him, L with a deep blue tone of color about him to counter Light, and Misa who only makes a small appearance as she trudges through the rain. I just can’t stop raving about how great all of this looks, seriously one of the best opening sequences for an anime I’ve seen in a while.

You can tell that a lot of love and money went into Death Note from the obviously large production values that were packing into this first episode, which I pray is present throughout the series. Death Note’s a completely plot and visually driven show, and it can’t afford to suffer from horrible animation productions, like NHK is currently facing. With this first episode we get a peek at the barren wasteland that is the Shinigami’s world, as well as meet our protagonist (wait… maybe antagonist is more fitting) Light Yagami. Light’s a straight edge, top class student, scoring in the top ranks of all of Japan in nationalized standard testing. He’s the pride and joy of his family and seems to be just naturally talented at everything he does. However… (Read More »»»)

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