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282. Negima?! 02 – Robo nudity!

Posted on October 18, 2006 at 6:00 am by ()
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Oh yeah, this episode had FULL NUDITY of… Chachamaru! Robot boobs ftw! Oh yeah, there was plenty of delicious Evangeline to go around as well. I don’t know if I praised the artwork enough with my last entry, but really, it’s not up tot he level of Akamatsu but then again, who can really reproduce his stuff? …Other than Big Boss… Some of you pervs know who I’m talking about. Even though it’s not Ken level, it’s still extremely pleasing to the eyes to see it all in motion on the screen. It’s pretty impressive how they juggle several different styles or art and angling hich they employ in different situations.

What I mean by this is how well they tranisition between these changes. The flashbacks to the epic battle between Evangeline and Nagi (Thousand Master, Negi’s father) are done in a very gritty, mature style with fluid motions and almost a Gankutsuo feel to it in some areas. Then you’ve got the present time serious scenes, with different camera lenses and angles put to use along with a more dynamic and strong shading and contrast. Finally there are the scenes in the classroom where everybody’s having a good time and the show takes on it’s more humerous appeal, those are usually the brightest and most colorful scenes per episode and are really the only time given to get to know some of the girls so far. (Read More »»»)

269. Negima?! 01 – Evangeline’s a badass.

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Welcome back to Mahora campus, located in the middle of a city with lush greenery all around, bustling shops, an entire island turned into a library and a giant all girls school campus with classes from kindergarden up through college. This is where our story takes place, and our main man is Negi Springfield, a ten year old crybaby from Whales who’s aim is to be a great mage like his father, the legendary Thousand Master, whom he’s never met. For those who don’t know, Negima?! is an all new remake of the Mahou Sensei Negima series. If you haven’t seen the previous anime, please make NO EFFORT to do so, otherwise it will likely ruin Negima for you. Yeah, it’s that bad. Xebec needs to burn for it.

Instead of attempting (and failing) at following the manga directly as the last series did, this series is being regarded as a “retake” instead of a “remake”, this means things are gonna be a bit different this time around, but the basic picture’s still the same. Right from the first episode, if you’ve read or watched Negima previously, you’ll notice a few small changes, such as the closer relationship with Setsuna and Konoka very early on. Nodoka doesn’t seem so deathly afraid of all men and almost immediately develops an interest in Negi. Kamo’s with Negi right from the very start as well, instead of waiting an episode or two to pop up and cause some trouble. Oh yeah, the biggest change I’ve noticed? Evangeline’s badass factor has SKYROCKED. (Read More »»»)

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