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385. Nodame Cantabile Ani-Episode 2 – Special Appearance By Madonna

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So it’s Mine‘s turn to shine… I guess.

It may just be me, but the way the episode opened with Mine mimicking Chiaki’s entrance the previous episode made me really lawl. I’m not quite sure why, but I’m guessing it’s because of the dorama. Seeing as it’s already finished, I know who Mine really is and I’ve already established his character in my mind. So just seeing him act like Chiaki was funny becuase we all know that in the end, he sucks too -at first anyway-.

What really surprised me about the animated version of Mine is his hair. Usually it’s the live action adaptations that just cannot do animated hair well yet this time, I think Mine’s hair in the dorama is much cooler. It’s supposed to be wild and big, but in the anime, he’s sort of got a buzz cut going. Not wild at all. I’m greatly dissapointed. (Read More »»»)

381. Nodame Cantabile Ani-Episode 1 – Non-Stop Lovin’ Found Here

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Surprised? No. Not this time. I KNEW the anime’s plot was going to be awesome going into it, so this high level of awesome-ness did not take my by surprise like the dorama did. It seems that it wasn’t a surprise in Japan either according to ANS:” Nodame Cantabile Debut Sets All Time Late Night Anime Ratings Record

“All time record”, they say. No surprises here. No surprises here. I loved it. I loved it. -Okay, I should stop repeating myself-. You know how sometimes the animated version of a manga can be a bit slow because you already know what’s happening? Yeah, didn’t happen here. I enjoyed every minute of it. And speaking of manga adaptation, this show was supposed to be pretty loyal to the manga. Truth is, I’ve only read one volume and I dont remember much, but it was pretty much the animated version of the dorama. I’m not complaining, though. I LOVED that too.

And you know what else I love? J.C. Staff. (Read More »»»)

365. Nodame Cantabile Live Episode 11 (Finale) – Baby Please. Dont Leave Me!

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And so ends one of my favorite doramas of all time. If only I was in Japan, it’d be the best Christmas present of all time. But alas, it was a good… New Years present?

I’m having a hard time writing this final post because I just dont want it to end. I mean, really, what else can I say besides “It was so amazingly orgasmic, I could fap to this episode?” That should pretty much sum it all up. I really dont think that the anime can be the same high level of quality -this is just too good-, but I will at least be able to get myself some Nodame/Chiaki action until… SEASON 2?! HMMM?

… okay, this is just hopeful wishing. There has been no word of a Nodame Cantabile II… yet? Maybe, just maybe, since the manga has not ended, it will pull a NANA 2 and give us a sequel. There SHOULD still be stuff to work with. As long as they dont change the cast… I should stop. I’m drooling now. (Read More »»»)

364. Nodame Cantabile Live Episode 10- Ringtones Can Ruin Your Future

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Ahhh, with one more episode left -subs for the final episodes were just released as I type this-, I cant help but get that sad feeling when a series you really enjoy is about to end. It’s a good thing the anime is coming soon, but it wont be the same. The cast here is just too good and you get easily attatched.

And speaking of getting attatched, if you didn’t root for Nodame in this episode, you’re sick. Just plain sick. Though a lot of the time I cant tell the difference between messy play and perfect playing, I really enjoy watching Nodame play. Not only for her facial expressions, but also for all the movements she makes. They just add so much more to the performance. All my years of playing the saxaphone, I was never good enough to move around as I played because I had to look straight at the sheets, so it was surely boring. I may pick it back up one day and just start moving around for the heck of it.

But I digress. Back to the Nodame. (Read More »»»)

355. Bistro SMAP w/ Nodame Cast – IRON COOKURU!

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Dont be surprised if there are more Nodame posts just popping up because I am all over that series right now. I’m so “all over it” that I’ll watch anything related to it, including the Bistro SMAP episode. -thank you siantut for the softsubs. I’ll be nowhere without you-.

Now you may be asking, “Os, what is Bistro SMAP? It sounds like a bread!”. Sit down and let me tell you. SMAP is a Johnny’s Group -aka a “beautiful boys only” boy band-. But that’s not all! They can cook, too and Bistro SMAP is one of their variety shows.

Essentially this show is like Iron Chef but this time, instead of focusing on the cooking, they just show shots of the cooking while they talk more about the Nodame dorama -not that I’m complaining- and I actually know who the celebrities are. Here Nodame (Ueno Juri) and Chiaki (Tamaki Hiroshi) have a special order and it’s up to four of the five members to cook according to the order. In the meantime, the audience just listens to chit chat between the host member and the two guests. Yeah, this sounds pretty boring, but if you’re a fan, it’s something to do while you wait for the next episode.
(Read More »»»)

350. Nodame Cantabile Live Episode 9 – It’s Not the Size Of Your Forehead that Matters

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… it’s the size of your heart and how you play the game.

Lately I have not been doing any reviews simply because this season has not produced any shows that are to my liking. Add that to the college applications I have to fill out and the sudden -freak- increase in the amount of work I have to do as a senior, the only show that I’ve been looking forward to on a weekly basis is not an anime, but the live action of an anime.

If you remember, I could not stop praising episode 1… and 8 episodes, later, I still cannot stop praising it. Now I am not a j-dorama expert, but I’ve seen my fair share of shows. Among my top shows are Nobuta Wo Produce and Stand Up!!! and like these two shows, Nodame Cantabile is making it’s way to the top before I’ve even finished watching the entire series.

Seeing as there are only two more episodes left, and seeing as how I’ve been seriously battling some “writer’s block”, I’m hoping that doing episode reviews of Nodame will at least keep in me shape for the upcoming season. (Read More »»»)

300. Nodame Cantabile Live Action Episode 1- Musical Dorama of the Gods

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To say I was pleasantly surprised would be a massive understatement. I was always skeptical of the manga. The way it was described on the back cover and the way it looked wasn’t appealing at first glance so I never read it. After watching this episode, though, I immediately went to go pick it up and I have not looked back since.

Thanks to the live action, I deeply regret for skipping over it for a long time now. The story is interesting and more creative than say, La Corda. Unlike La Corda, where I am sure that I can predict what happens next, I can only broadly assume Nodame Cantabile’s next turn. Each character has an intresting persona and I look forward to learing about their backstories -and their choice for the actor/actresses help, too. It’s a very nice cast. I’ll get to that later-. (Read More »»»)

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