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294. Ghost Hunt ep 1 – Narcissistic Naru-chan!

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Well, what a pleasant surprise for something I wasn’t expecting! …I’m actually not sure what was going to come out of Ghost Hunt. The title, obviously, gives a whole lot away about the point of the show. But I went into the first episode expecting to find either some hard-core horror, or a lot of gore. And for some reason, that had a loli as the protagonist. Well guess what? It’s nothing like that! Haha! Ah. Amusing.

Whatever Ghost Hunt is leaning towards is fine by me, because Iiii like it! *glint* I can’t excatly put a name on what I think the genre of this show would be, because it had a little of everything good. The comedy, the *mild* horror and it hinted a bit at some romance. Add some Chemical X and it’ll be good to go! It’s a light horror, I’d say. And it’s perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like scary movies but likes a small scare every now and then. And even though the title is “Ghost Hunt”, there wasn’t a lot of ghostly action in the debut episode. Oh well! I guess I’m just easily amused then.

First Impressions
Everything, the animation quality, the character design, the plot, the dialogue, and the voice-acting, I think, is good. Just that; good. Nothing blew me away, nothing was horrendously lame, but it was good enough to want me coming back for more. Of course, if something spectacular came along, then Ghost Hunt would probably be put at the back of the closet. (But my curiosity would pull it back up to the front.)

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258. La Corda d’Oro Episode 1 – That One Time At Band Camp…

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If a story has some sort of musical relationship, I find it to be a naturally good series. Beck was amazing. Nana’s great. Nodama Cantabile, despite how I thought it looked at first, ended up not being rather enjoyable. You can even make an argument that FLCL has some sort of musical relationship. They were all great series. La Corda d’Oro? It’s borderline acceptable. WHY MUST YOU BE DIFFERENT?! Heck, even the opening was fairly bad. You’d expect this show to have… well, a pleasing OP theme, but I ultimately skipped it. I could only take so much. But dont fear, the music does get better during the show and I’m actually looking forward to the OST.

As for that fairy thing? It creeped me out when I read the manga. If I saw it wounded, would I have saved it? Maybe not. I like it’s chibi-er form, but most of the time I’d be freaked out if I saw it. In the anime, it looks a bit better but…. I still wouldn’t touch it with a 50-foot pole. And since we’re talking about the characters, there are sure a lot of bishies, huh? One of every hair color, from the looks of it. I thought that since I handled Ouran quite nicely, I could surely handle this… right? (Read More »»»)

288. Hataraki Man ep 1 – Super Saiyan for the journalist folk

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“Always putting work first doesn’t make me better than anyone else at all…”

If there’s one anime that defines both the words “obsession” and “extremism” in one title, it would be Hataraki Man. Well, I might be exaggerating a bit, but that doesn’t stray from my point.

If Hikikomori are people who put themselves in seclusion from the outside world, would Matsukata be a hikikomori of the office?? And if not, then I would think that the term “workaholic” does justice enough.
Although the fact that she has a boyfriend (and I’m assuming the relationship is going steady) doesn’t really support that title…but by choosing work over everything else sort of really does put you in seclusion from society.

I’m not sure why most people don’t like this show. I didn’t see anything particularly bad with the first episode, but then again, we’re all entitled to our own opinions. (Read More »»»)

274. Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ Episode 1- The “~’s” Doesn’t Make It Any Better

Posted on October 16, 2006 at 5:43 am by ()
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What the heck is this? I was going “Ehhhh?” the entire episode.

Like the main character, I’m not really sure what’s happening. Stuff happened here, stuff happened there, they’re all supposedly connected… but that’s probably a dirty lie. It sorta feels like Haruhi Suzumiya again. It’s all a giant inside joke and I’m probably not going to get it until MAYBE the end. Throughout the opening scene for instance, -where you see people all wearing the animal ears- you immediately notice them and then after you see the main girl, suddenly they’re all gone. What the hell? Where did they go?! Am I the only person that got angry at this? Is this all just bad directing?

Maybe this show is brilliant in someway, I just didn’t catch it. I think I can at least give this show the three episode treatment before ulitmately deciding, I’ll just have to force myself a bit. (Read More »»»)

271. Assate no Houkou Episode 1 – She’s Contracted the Hagu Virus

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Ahhh, I really dont know how to feel about this show let alone describe it. Sure the character designs are good, but the background music is bad. Sure it’s pretty boring throughout the entire episode, but there are flashes of something good -the cliffhanger ending sure helps-. Sure there are shoujo-y aspects to the show, but you sometimes just dislike the girl -despite her being a megane– and you just cant root for her. Sure the main character is a fully grown woman… but that’s only temporary because she turns into a loli.

Wait wait wait. Whaaa?! My diagonosis: she’s got the Hagu Virus (she’s older than she looks).

So the episode sorta drags itself along for about 20 odd minutes and in the last few seconds, they throw this at you to make you want to watch the next episode. On one hand, you sort of dont want to watch the next episode, but on the other hand, you think that maybe there might be something here after all. (Read More »»»)

267. Cescent Love Episode 1- Only The Meido Deserves My Love

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If your initial feelings told you to stay away from this show -like a friend of mine’s did-, you may have made the right decision. It’s got a lol-part here or there, but I sense no potential in this show. Maybe just a smidgen. How little potential? Usually I write myself little notes right after I watch the episode so that I dont forget them and so I can use them later for when I eventually write about the show. One of my notes to myself was “extremely gay looking and boring until chibi scene”.

Okay, that may have been an overstatement. “Extremely gay looking” only applied to the -what seemed like infititely long- scenes about the whole battle in space for the moon or some such nonsense. At that point I was looking around my room thinking about what to do after I watched the episode. When I finally saw what seemed like anime, that’s when I started to pay attention again. Bzzt. That was also a waste of time. I’d recommend you to skip all the way past the OP theme and then past the scene on the ship to when you finally see the school. That’s when the show really starts. At least the meido was cute. (Read More »»»)

269. Negima?! 01 – Evangeline’s a badass.

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Welcome back to Mahora campus, located in the middle of a city with lush greenery all around, bustling shops, an entire island turned into a library and a giant all girls school campus with classes from kindergarden up through college. This is where our story takes place, and our main man is Negi Springfield, a ten year old crybaby from Whales who’s aim is to be a great mage like his father, the legendary Thousand Master, whom he’s never met. For those who don’t know, Negima?! is an all new remake of the Mahou Sensei Negima series. If you haven’t seen the previous anime, please make NO EFFORT to do so, otherwise it will likely ruin Negima for you. Yeah, it’s that bad. Xebec needs to burn for it.

Instead of attempting (and failing) at following the manga directly as the last series did, this series is being regarded as a “retake” instead of a “remake”, this means things are gonna be a bit different this time around, but the basic picture’s still the same. Right from the first episode, if you’ve read or watched Negima previously, you’ll notice a few small changes, such as the closer relationship with Setsuna and Konoka very early on. Nodoka doesn’t seem so deathly afraid of all men and almost immediately develops an interest in Negi. Kamo’s with Negi right from the very start as well, instead of waiting an episode or two to pop up and cause some trouble. Oh yeah, the biggest change I’ve noticed? Evangeline’s badass factor has SKYROCKED. (Read More »»»)

266. Kanon 2006 Episode 1- It’s my first time. Be gentle

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“Alright, what’s so special about this Kanon?” I said to myself when I was downloading the first episode and again when I started it. The answer? The catchphrase: “Uguu~“. I mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it? That’s the main reason why Air was watched -by me anyways-. There was a cute little girl with a catchphrase. Gao~.

It’s a shame I’m serious, too. I’m not saying I hated the episode, I just wasn’t entranced by it as the hype may have suggested. Sure the snowy background looked amazing and envoked all kinds of feelings inside me, but I’m hoping that’s not all it has to offer. As you can tell, this is my first time watching this show but we’ve all heard about it before, right?: “LOLOL so THIS is the girl crying in snow anime LOLOL”.

I hate to say it, but… they interrupted Haruhi -the lesser of two Haruhi’s-for this? Then again, I disliked episode 1 of Haruhi a lot, so I’ll keep going… upon futher review, that’s apparently a lie. (Read More »»»)

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