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387. Le Portrait de Petit Cossette: Something with a French title that doesn’t fail!

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Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. I don’t know why But I had never watched it up until yesterday afternoon. A number of people had told me to check it out, for like, a year, it was on a Recommended Viewing tab at Anime News Network. Yet I never bothered to look into it that much. I feel a bit foolish for waiting all this time. Just the other day I found myself at Suncoast Video for the first time in about a year. After sifting through a literal maze of pocky and Naruto headbands I came up on the anime section. Now, The reason why I ventured into such a hell hole like Suncoast was simple, I had a $25 gift certificate from Christmas, and I figured I would buy 1 DVD with it, or at least pay off most of one, considering the amount of price gouging that Suncoast does. Seriously, why do people shop there? Oh right, they don’t know any better.

To my surprise though I saw a big sign there that said “ALL GENEON TITLES: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE” I figured, hell yeah score, I could get two DVD’s for free or very near it now. Five minutes later after sifting through the Geneon section I realized that they almost only license shoujo and shit. Seriously, god damn. Then down towards the bottom shined a light, and that light was the Hellsing Ultimate OVA and Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. I had decided that I wanted to try out Cossette and I knew Hellsing’s OVA was awesome, so my purchase was made, after much arguing with the clerk that I did NOT want to order Naruto’s next DVD and that I wanted him to die. Later on in the day I popped in Cossette’s DVD and got down to business.

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377. Hana Yori Dango Live Season2 Episode 1 – Model With A Vengence

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I dunno if I’m hardcore enough to start calling Hana Yori Dango “Handan”, but the moment I heard that there was a season 2, I couldn’t go long without thinking about it and drooling all over myself. Let me start off by telling you my long arduous adventure. But speaking of subs, if you’re still looking for them, go to arashi.vox for soft subs. From episode 2 on, she’ll be releasing hardsubs, so I’m very thankful I didn’t have to redownload 1.3 gigs. Poor girl. Apparently she’s also being messaged 24/7 about downloads and stuff. The moment her site was linked on d-addicts, I bet her hit count skyrocketed to outer space but so much pressure was suddenly pushed on her. Thanks again, arashi!

So my adventure. It was worth it in the end. The wait, that is. After I heard about the subs, I would refresh arashi.vox’s page and the d-addicts thread every couple of minutes in hopes that some new news would show up. I did it for an entire night on Sunday, and when I finally gave up… she uploaded it on Clubbox. Now for those not in the know, Clubbox is all in Korean so I didn’t bother to go through the walkthroughs. I just had the suffer a long day of school. (Read More »»»)

319. Jigoku Shoujo Live Action Episode 1- As Scary As A Narutard

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If the anime was anything like this live action, I’m glad I never watched it. The fact that it was probably working on a super low budget doesn’t help, but I thought the main story was -watch this- lame as hell, too… LOLOL! See that? Play on words. Oh man. Oh man. And I thought I was losing my groove, too. But really, the budgest must have been 30 cents. Sorta reminds you of… this… or this and note: those didn’t turn out too good either.

As I was watching the episode, I was thinking “This is just like Goosebumps”. For those not in the know -I’m looking at you, Singaporeans-, Goosebumps was this show based on these scary short stories aimed for kids. When I was a wee lad, I was not a fan of the scary… actually, I’m still not a fan of the scary, but that’s not the point. I’d still watch the show anywho because that’s what everyone was talking about and I did not want to be ostracized at private school -and that point, your only friends would be the nuns-. But the thing that made me really think of Goosebumps was the “you-learn-a-lesson feeling” at the end. That’s just sick. Scare me to death or make me lol to death at your lameness, but please, do not teach me a moral lesson. (Read More »»»)

300. Nodame Cantabile Live Action Episode 1- Musical Dorama of the Gods

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To say I was pleasantly surprised would be a massive understatement. I was always skeptical of the manga. The way it was described on the back cover and the way it looked wasn’t appealing at first glance so I never read it. After watching this episode, though, I immediately went to go pick it up and I have not looked back since.

Thanks to the live action, I deeply regret for skipping over it for a long time now. The story is interesting and more creative than say, La Corda. Unlike La Corda, where I am sure that I can predict what happens next, I can only broadly assume Nodame Cantabile’s next turn. Each character has an intresting persona and I look forward to learing about their backstories -and their choice for the actor/actresses help, too. It’s a very nice cast. I’ll get to that later-. (Read More »»»)

248. NANA 2 Movie Continues To Fall Apart…

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Hm. Everybody loves broody little boys, right?

First off, thank you to Nana-Nana.net for the up to date casting news. I’m essentially just spreading the word. All credit goes to them.


Now the bad news. Not sure if I mentioned it the other time, but Ryuhei Matsuda is not playing Ren. I’m sorta bummed about this. Not because he was a really good Ren, nor is it because of his “chemistry” with Mika Nakashima -many argue that there was none and I dont fight back-, but just because I hate change to important characters in sequels. I’m just afraid that there just wont be that same feeling. Which brings me to another the other *and more recent* casting hit. (Read More »»»)

219. Otaku’s In Love (2004) – Is That Even Possible?

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Silly Densha Otoko fans, otakus can never find love. Of course this movie is entirely ficticious… or is it?!… Ok. Yeah, yea it is. But dont lose hope!

I’m not really sure how to describe this movie but I can say this: this movie is whack, yo. You can sorta follow the story for the most part, but it’s just so out there you cant really concentrate. It’s sorta slice of life-ish… but not like Bokura ga Ita or Honey and Clover’s slice of life style that you’d expect it from the movie’s title. Well, that’s what I expected anyway. It’s far from it. It’s got sex -the actual activity not seen- and lots of crazies. Sorta like REC!

There are cheesy effects to start off the movie and you have no idea why “otaku” is in the title until about nine minutes in after the little implied sex scene. Oh and be wary of the people you watch this with. It’s sure gonna get awkward. Or, if you DO watch it with a person of the same sex, dont make eye contact. (Read More »»»)

220. Taiyou no Uta Episode 1- She’s Got Vampire Disease

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In all seriousness, XP is a serious, serious disease… that, when spelt out, looks like an emoticon. LAWL. It’s a very rare disease but what happens is that the afflicted cannot be exposed to sunlight or they will die, thus it’s like a Vampire Disease. As funny as it sounds, it probably sucks a lot and I can only cross my fingers a cure is eventually produced.

Now to actually talk about the drama itself. Taiyou no Uta -which means a song to the sun- is a drama adaptation of the movie of the same name. The movie stars the musically talented -and sometimes cute- Yui and Tsukamoto Takashi (from Stand Up!! and Kekkon Dekinai Otoko to name some). Now I think the movie runs laps around the drama but when you consider that they’re trying to make a series out of a 2 hour movie, it’s not that bad. -a short preview is given below-

The drama’s cast is very well rounded led by Yamada Takayuki -who I still cant believe is only 19- and the VERY VERY pretty Sawajiri Erika. Yamada needs no introduction becuase he’s been in so many shows if you’re into this kind of thing you’ve probably seen him at least once already, be it in a movie or another drama -he was best in Sekai no Chuushin de-. As for the rest of the cast, (Read More »»»)

184. Princess Princess D Live Action Episode 1- What A Horrible Job Description

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If I had a choice to be a princess, I’d be the fairy princess. Man, that’d be totally cool… you know, until you realize what the job of a “princess” really is.

Now I was all ready to chock this show up as another Shimokita Glory Days, but as much as I hate to admit it, one scene near the end actually made me chuckle to myself… unlike Glory Days which make me want to fap and barf at the same time. Trust me, that show is a rollar coaster ride you dont want to go on. But that’s not the show I’m reviewing.

The question at hand is: You are attending a boarding school and have the choice of having everything paid for plus extra lunch tickets, the catch is that you have to dress as a girl and walk around in that dress all the time, would you do it?

It’s a good thing I’ve thrown away my internet masculinity ages ago becuase this show was a real trial just until near the end at one scene where one of them was going to commit suicide. Ha, that’s when it got funny. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was already in my comfortable position, I would’ve stopped it at this horrible scene in the OP. Ok, so the premise is that here we are at an all-boys school and becuase of the lack of women, they were gonna find three guys who look the most like girls, have them dress up as girls and have the boys lust after them as to keep school spirit up… at least that’s what I got out of this. But oh no. That’s not the end of it.

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