You could say, anime dealies?

363. Get Out of My House, Mozart

Posted on December 30, 2006 at 5:22 am by ()
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Okay, so you’re not really getting a sneak peak at anything special. What I’ve posted below is my “article” for J-Music Ignited‘s End of Year dealie -I usually do research/profiles for the site-. Seeing as I couldn’t help but mention anime and seeing as I spent my time trying to create it rather than making a review post, might as well give you the advance copy. I may make another slight change or two for the final but it’s the general idea. Opinions would be great.

Now seeing as you’re reading this, you have probably heard J-music before. Be it J-rock, J-pop, J-metal, Visual Kei, J-hip hop, J-RnB… you get the picture. But what about that all-mysterious genre, classical? The reason we can all classify the aforementioned categories as such is because the artists themselves are from Japan.

Have you ever heard of J-classical? If you have, get me, because I sure haven’t. But if we follow the same formula as above, then there were many “J-classical” artists that have made an impact some way or another in 2006.

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360. Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA Episode 1 – So Much Yuri Potential

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OH BOY! OH BOY! I went in expecting about 21 minutes of orgasmic fun and I ended up with 51+!

Now that was great to have Marimite again. It’s been what has felt like ages since I finished season 2 and I’ve almost forgot how awesome this series was. Sure there was still no actual hawt yuri action like I went in thinking way back when I started the first season, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

Something about this show’s peaceful atmosphere is just so enjoyable. I guess I just have a thing for slice-of-life-ish type shows… despite the fact that this’ll unfortunately never be my life no matter how many times I play dress up. Oh how I wish. But I digress. Of course, this show cant be episode after episode of the girls planning vacations and having peaceful play time. That’d be dull. There was indeed action. What started out like a peaceful vacation, like sunglassed pretty boy, I could sense that something bad was going to happen. It’s just that gut feeling. And something did indeed come up. (Read More »»»)

359. My Christmas From Hell

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Are we there yet?
“No. Find a radio station”
Okay. Hm, it’s from the Charlie Brown Christmas special!
“Hey, call them, we’re almost there”.

Hey Uncle! Hey Mary! Hey Auntie! I’m doing good… yeah. I’m doing good. Long ride. What’s for dinner?

So Uncle, where’s the computer.
“Ha ha. It’s not here”
Ha ha. Really?
“Yeah. Why would I have it here?”
Ha ha. Really?
“You should’ve told me if you wanted me to bring it”
… Ha ha. Really? You’re serious? No joke?
“No joke.”

… Oh. Kill me now. What is this immense feeling of pain and saddness? (Read More »»»)

357. Christmas Is For the Weak

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But Merry Christmas to you guys anyways and/or a Merry [insert a less comercialized holiday].

I avoided going a couple states up so that I could be near my computer Christmas night and marathon all night… but I still get screwed have to go to my aunt’s house an hour away and spend the night. Maybe it’s sad that I’d rather be spending my time with my baby (my compy) than with family, but the Christmas spirit has long been lost. Have you not seen the Charlie Brown Christmas Special? Case and point.

Give me Christmas episodes and I’d be much happier, but I guess we all have to make sacrifices, huh? Here’s to the hundred or so USD I get.

This is a message personally from me, Os, and I’m sure my other blogmates can edit in their little message later… so continually press refresh. I was planning on doing an Isudatte My Santa Episode 2 post, but I’ll save it until the 28th -exactly one year after the first episode-. And dont get fooled by this guy, he just doesn’t understand. Kentakus, get this guy.

And this better be the sixth time you see this message. Cheers. Refresh the page.

The Zee speaks>>> If I had a special Loli wand, I’d re-decorate the webpage so it would be all pretty in Red and Green. Also, I’d go around giving everyone a nice big Christmas Hug! What’s the difference between a normal hug and a Christmas hug? ….not much actually.

NONE THE LESS! Like the purple sugar plums that dance around in your dreams, let’s all dance around the Christmas Tree lustfully staring at all the pretty presents under it! Sing Christmas Carols in the shower, bake cookies of snowmen and elves, and re-watch those loved anime episodes with the red, white and green decorations in them! Spread the Christmas cheer!

Even I’m doing my part, as I sit in front of my computer, locked up in my house all alone with my mom, and I don’t even celebrate the Holiday. My only Christmas present is the arrival of my brother who’s flying in from California today.

…I want to live in California.

I’m sure I’ve lost my point since I began, but either way, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year too ^-^! A brand new year of fresh anime awaits us around the corner! And this is a genuine greeting, because we here at Karoshi care—or at least I do. *runs off*

Enter Caliburn – Tch, I didn’t get a Wii for Christmas, guess this means i’ll have to start blogging again soon. Oh well, Merry Christmas to all you guys out there, hopefully you’re all out having fun and being with your loved ones (If that’s your thing). Personally? I like Christmas and all, but like these other two bums on the blog I’m not too enthusiastic about being away from my precious (Computer).

But hey, at the very least, I got Elite Beat Agents and Gitaroo-Man to keep me company as I jump from house to house visiting relatives I barely know. Merry Christmas indeed 😀 And I’ve got a stack of fresh Anime DVD’s waiting for me after the whole ordeals done and over with. Score!

From me and everyone else here at Karoshi, Merreh Kurisumasu! And Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and… umm… is that it? I think that’s it. Am I forgetting anyone? The Satanists? Well, screw them.

Agents Are Go!

348. The Mathematical Formula For Traps

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Before I can start calling myself the next Einstein, I cannot claim that I thought up of this formula. Actually, it’s a pretty basic formula…

So I’m falling asleep in math class when I heard “A Trap”. Naturally, that catches my attention. Looking up, I see:

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339. Another Kind Stranger Has Taken Me Into Their Home

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Is that our welcoming committee?

Imagine my surprise to get home and see “Welcome to 9rules“. I did a few fist pumps and got to opening that e-mail right away. It is important to note that I was ignoring the fact that there was homework to be done and God to worhsip -dont ask-.

To tell you the truth, I totally forgot I applied way back when. The time I applied, there were so many people -apparently they broke some records-, I didn’t think we’d get in anywho so I sorta forgot it once I submitted the application.

Now the anime section of the community is rather small, but the three that are there are good ones. Mr. H-Truong, we all know from Anime Nano and Mr Lawson, we all know because he’s a prophet of many words. Admittedly I have never heard of Michael Ono before, but I will definately give myself some time to go check it out. It will soon also include Hinano who got in a day after me -thus making me her sempai-. Either way, I dont know where I’m going with this. I just want to thank 9rules for letting us in and give it some backluv -this is obviously a play of words of “blacklog” [here’s where you laugh at my wit]-.

336. I Just Want To Be an Intern Working His Way Up

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One day, I’ll be pretty, too

Is that too much to ask?

I’m still doing my college apps and after getting burned from the first place that I did early admission for, I started to think about “my future”. As of now, I’m headed down a path that does not involve the anime industry. Ever since I’ve became obsessed with these silly cartoons, I thought that having a job in the industry would be awesome and I’ve had a day dream here or there. I know I wont be able to blog this nonsense for a living so I have to start somewhere, right?

Here’s where you come in. (Read More »»»)

327. Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles – Storms A Brewin’

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This news has already been posted at various places, but it’s never too late to add my input, and it’s pretty radical stuff for NARUTO fans all around the globe.So basically to re-cap, the meaningless void which is the NARUTO fillers are FINALLY coming to an end, and the Time-Skip is going to be animated, in Spring ‘07. So that’s either February or April. That alone right there is enough to make my brain explode. (Read More »»»)

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