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Honey and Clover II Chapter 5- A Trip to the Olive Garden

Posted on August 10, 2006 at 1:11 pm by ()
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Yes, yes, I know I’m very late on this -Episode 6 will come later this afternoon-. Let me explain, first. The reason it comes now is that I was too busy getting this. See how pretty it looks all nailed to my ceiling? It’s very pretty and very hard to find. I had to look through rack after rack of posters until I hit the jackpot. I almost cried while I was there. They also told me they used to have some of the dvd 1 Japan promos, but that’s ok, I have a mini one -also up on my ceiling-.

Now, here’s where I make the transition. Watch this: So that poster cost $26, but it was totally worth it. I would spend another 26 if there was another poster in a heartbeat. The entire year I’ve been saving little by little for Otakon so I could get Honey and Clover stuff. Though sad I ended up with just one item, it was money well spent. And it seems I was not the only person saving money. In this episode, we have Morita, a guy who’s raking in the dough like it’s all chump change… but he’s not spending it. As we witness the meeting between him and Kaoru, they’re scheming something.

Now we haven’t seen much of Morita this season and the only thing I can offer about him, his brother, and all that money is that I think it may have something to do with their father -note: As I write this, I haven’t watched episode 6 which gives us what seems like a look into Shinobu and Kaoru’s past. I will after finishing this.- The suspense!

But that’s not all. It seems Mayama’s been accruing quite a sum himself. In his “hammy” speech -which was awesome-, he’s saving for his loved one. He also mentions that it is said that in life, one gets at least three opportunities. This is a nice concept becuase I’d like to believe that. I dont believe I’ve had the chance of experiencing “an opportunity” so I have something to look forward to with this bleak and possibly hard working future. How nice would it be for someone/thing to go up to you, say “Hey, I’m your golden opportunity. Take me out to dinner” ? Yeah… that’d be great.

And speaking of Mayma, Yamada slowly cracking. What a shame, no longer playing the damsel in distress role. But hey, human emotions are one of the hardest things to remain static.

I do have one complaint though. Near the end with Yamada as the narrator, the black and white scenes with the petals falling down was rather bad. Though the purpose was to clash, it was just so bad. But I wont hold it against the director, this scene was counterbalanced by other good ones.

Oh. You hear that? Episode six is calling me.

No recap this time… unless it’s someone’s dying wish.

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  1. 1. Justice

    August 10, 2006,3:11 pm

    Ooo, so you’re the one who wound up buying that H&C poster. I saw it in Otakon since it was right in front of me and I had a hard time deciding whether to buy it or not, but then I was out of money and I knew there was a pinup poster of Ayu and Hagu in a magazine. I wanted that one instead (I got it just yesterday too) so I didn’t buy it. H&C posters are rare as hell. I was really lucky that my bf ordered the magazine with the Ayu and Hagu pinup.

  2. 2. Os

    August 10, 2006,3:21 pm

    I really hope you read this, becuase I was wondering if you can tell me what magazine that’s in. Now that you tell me, I really want it.

  3. 3. Justice

    August 10, 2006,11:37 pm

    Well, aren’t you a lucky one, lol. The magazine with the Ayu & Hagu pinup is a new anime magazine call Compat H or Comp H; it’s like Megami, except the yuri scenes are not so…explicit? Well, anyways, here’s the link of the pinup:


    It’s a very nice pinup as you can see (not to mention RARE), and the magazine has lots of Haruhi goodies and I know plenty of people would love that.

  4. 4. Os

    August 11, 2006,10:00 am

    Haruhi suzumiya? Ehhhh, BUT that hachikuro pin up looks amazing. GAH. I want it.


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