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Honey and Clover II Chapter 6- Where’s My Hagu? Who’s This, This, Woman?!

Posted on August 10, 2006 at 9:35 pm by ()
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First off, sorry animeblogger.net for making it seem like I’m post whoring. Hopefully the RSS problem has been solved. Now. Seriously. Who is this woman? I did not sign up for that. I want more of this. At first glance, it was near impossible to distinguish who it was…. ok, not really, but come on. It was quite a shock to the system, let me tell ya. I mean WHOO WEEE. Hopefully they’ll never pull that again. Give me a moment to catch my breath, please.

Ok. ok. I’m done. As promised in the preview of the last episode, there was more Morita action. You know the phrase “Like father, like son“? Yeah? Perfect example right here. Shinobu and his father just give off this silly-carefree-yet-serious persona. Plus, they look pretty similar too. I’m not going to deny, I wouldn’t mind having my father adopting a similar style. He just reeks of cool.

The other male of the love trio we get to see a bit more of was Takemoto. I really think he’s finally starting to get a good grasp on his life and I’m proud of him. As he said, to build something large, you need a bigger base and I think that journey he took at the end of season one is that very base. And like his project, I believe his future once he chooses to do one thing, it’s filled with limitless possiblities.

Then of course, there’s Hagu… or should I call her Mrs Hagu. The end of her college career is in sight, yet there are still so many things left unfulfilled. We actually get to see inside Hagu’s head, sort of see things through Hagu’s eyes and it is a whole other world. But unlike how she looks now, she is quite fragil and needs support. The problem is that she is too noble to ask. Here, I think, is where Takemoto should come in. It wouldn’t be a problem for him. With two people, he can simply build a larger base.

Then, there’s my man Mayama. THAT MAN IS A BEAST! I’m sure that with his love and passion, he’ll be a great body guard.

Of course, like I said last episode, Yamada is still cracking. I think I may feel pretty sad when she finally defers to Nomiya -though I still think his confession was brilliant-.

Shinobu Morita wasn’t the only Morita son that we learn about today. It seems he, too, has had an issue here or there with an older brother. From the sounds of it, he seemed to have a bright outlook as a child, but it eventually drifted away. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a goal, for we finally learn that all the money Morita and he was saving up is to buy back the old Morita company. They’re so close, even I can smell it.

Lastly, the final scene was the highlight of the episode, barely squeaking out Mayama’s little act. It was a dream world. We’ve all been there before and I really loved the way it was shot. Despite the fact that it was all still shots, it looked beautiful. You know, the perfect situation in your head that you’ll always wish came true.


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  1. 1. Lakail

    August 10, 2006,9:50 pm

    I sure hope that Hagu is talking about Takemoto when she talks of the person she can ask for help, but I still think that for the time being, she is still stuck on Morita. But no matter, I know Takemoto will prevail in the end!

  2. 2. Caliburn

    August 10, 2006,10:05 pm

    I don’t know, in the beginning Hagu may have been pretty depressing, but I don’t think she’s looked so good since the very first time she was shown in the first episode of season one. No oversized eyes or chibi/mole style artwork, hairs down. She looked kinda cute.

  3. 3. kuromitsu

    August 11, 2006,4:47 am

    I actually like this Hagu much better than her previous character design. She actually looks her age now, and so she’s not as disturbing as before.

  4. 4. Matte

    August 11, 2006,3:38 pm

    I kinda like that older look on Hagu. ^^ The insight into her thoughts was really nice too, and it made me long for mooooore Hagu! It seems like the Mayama/Rika arc is coming to an end now though so hopefully my wishes will be fulfilled in the next episode.


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