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Princess Princess D Live Action Episode 1- What A Horrible Job Description

Posted on August 16, 2006 at 11:37 am by ()
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If I had a choice to be a princess, I’d be the fairy princess. Man, that’d be totally cool… you know, until you realize what the job of a “princess” really is.

Now I was all ready to chock this show up as another Shimokita Glory Days, but as much as I hate to admit it, one scene near the end actually made me chuckle to myself… unlike Glory Days which make me want to fap and barf at the same time. Trust me, that show is a rollar coaster ride you dont want to go on. But that’s not the show I’m reviewing.

The question at hand is: You are attending a boarding school and have the choice of having everything paid for plus extra lunch tickets, the catch is that you have to dress as a girl and walk around in that dress all the time, would you do it?

It’s a good thing I’ve thrown away my internet masculinity ages ago becuase this show was a real trial just until near the end at one scene where one of them was going to commit suicide. Ha, that’s when it got funny. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was already in my comfortable position, I would’ve stopped it at this horrible scene in the OP. Ok, so the premise is that here we are at an all-boys school and becuase of the lack of women, they were gonna find three guys who look the most like girls, have them dress up as girls and have the boys lust after them as to keep school spirit up… at least that’s what I got out of this. But oh no. That’s not the end of it.

One main reason I was gonna compare this to Glory Days was the quality of the filming and setting. I can bet you the budget was way less that Glory Days and I assume the budget for that show was about $5 USD. It has that AV-esque feel becuase of the cheap quality that you dont usually see in Live Actions, but I thank God that it didn’t turn into a porno becuase like I said, it is totally devoid of females.

The acting at times seems pretty amateur also and it doesn’t help when they introduce characters by freeze framing and then showing still shots of the actors.

The dumbest part was when they meet the so call “healing angel” of the school. There was just this confusing part where they break into song and dance.. after he preaches for a bit. His acting is probably the worst of them all. YOU FAIL, BUDDY.

With about 5 or so minutes to go before the show ends, then it gets a bit funny when one of them realizes what the hell he is doing and goes to commit suicide… only to have his friends just watch and let him continue. That deserved at least a chuckle.

In the end, I’ll never watch this again. Males, stay far away from this and females… you may actually enjoy this so go have your laugh, sickos.

Oh, and side note, look how hard these guys are trying to seem like Johnnys. The guy on the left is trying so hard to look like Jun and Nino from Arashi. Lawl. You phail.

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  1. 1. Anga

    August 16, 2006,1:03 pm

    I actually liked first episode… but after that whole show started to suck. Not really funny anymore and too stupid, anime is way better than this.


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