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Honey and Clover II Chapter 7- There’s a Split in the Road

Posted on August 17, 2006 at 5:56 am by ()
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Everyone has all heard Honey and Clover described as a slice-of-life show at least once -well, if you’re reading this, you probably have-. What does that mean, really? We all know our lives wont be like the anime. It’s not happening. We’re not going to all go to an art-college and some of us wont even fall in love. But this episode did show a side of humanity that’s not really hiding from us. If there was one word for it, I’d use it, but no, I’m going to try to describe it.

This episode didn’t really focus on any of our main characters, but rather two men who are still important in their own right. They wont be able to support four or five episodes about them, but given this one episode, they fit into the flow just fine. Who am I talking about, but Tatsuo, the Morita family friend and Kaoru the older Morita brother. It’s no secret that those two guys are alike. Both share the idea… rather… hope that there is something on this earth that only they could do. Something to make themselves unique. The concept that everyone is different is a bit flawed, I like to think. Yes, physically, they may not be anyone built the same way, but I just feel that there are people who, if combined together, would end up as if nothing happened to them at all.

Now Uncle Tatsuo, throughout the entire episode, I could not figure out whether to hate him or not. After my first viewing of the episode, I half heartedly disliked him, but I felt that he had his reasons. After I watched it a second time, all my dislike for him has dissapeared. Sure he made the mistake of being tricked into signing that damn contract by Floyd Electrics, but he was trying not only to help out the company, but to test Tsukasa Morita Sr., both good intentions.

Before I reached the end of the episode, I thought that Tatsuo betrayed Tsukasa out of anger seeing that the girl he liked as kid –Ricchan– eventually married Tsukasa instead of him. But I saw that, despite what happened with Ricchan, Tatsuo was still Tsukasa’s friend. It happens often, how sometimes many times things that we want wont work out even with the best intentions. “Human mistake” as robots like to call it.

“Spur of the moment” may also work in this case. Tatsuo was always watching Tsukasa be the “it” guy. Tsukasa was always the plane that could fly freely in the sky while Tatsuo was the plane that could not fly. Like I said, I finally realized that Tatsuo had the right intentions. He wanted to find that one thing he was put on earth to do, he wanted to fly in the sky.

But then I wonder, when he felt that “he could finally sleep“… what WAS it that he finally accomplished that put him at ease?

Then there’s Kaoru. Always oversahdowed and chasing Shinobu Morita. Maybe getting back the company is what will finally get his broken plane to fly. Maybe.

I appologize if all that rambling was… well, rambling. Hopefully someone -anyone- will understand. The next episode loooks to be big. HAGU-CHIIIIIIIIIIN!!! MAYAMA-SAAAAAN!!!

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