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Honey and Clover II Chapter 9- A 300 Yen Flower

Posted on September 2, 2006 at 5:32 am by ()
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Pretty expensive for just a flower, huh?

Some of you may know that I have a soft spot for snowy scenes. My favorite shot of the episode was where Kaoru is sitting outside with the snow falling around him. A long while back when sledding was still fun, after an exhausting morning of sledding, I’d get out and just lay there on my sled with snow still falling from the sky. It’s very peaceful. I wish I could also be poetic and say it was beautiful but I was only looking at trees and telephone wires. But it was peaceful.

Then some of you may know my soft spot for scenes with tall buildings… OK no. But there’s something about snowy scenes with city buildings in the background. Something beautiful. Where I live is a crowded place, but not a city where there are tall buildings every 5 feet. Then why does looking at this scene just make me feel so nostalgic? It hasn’t been the first time either because I was also left breathless during the end of Cowboy Bebop’s Session XX. For an animator/laborer, it probably wouldn’t take a lot of work, I would think. Juxtapose a building here or there and then add snow fall. Yet it’s just so beautiful.

But it didn’t stop there either because in the later scenes near the 3/4 mark with Shuu, Yamada, and Takemoto, there was a very pretty red/blue/violet sky with buildings in the background. I had to rewatch that scene twice becuase I caught myself missing some lines from just staring at the background. Which brings me actually talking about this episode…

I’m not going to deny, I think the scenes where there was no dialogue at all were more powerful than the scenes with them. Yeah I felt sad when Hagu was telling Shuu about the pain in her hand yet I was more moved when I saw her crying into his hands.

I guess if I were her, I’d cry too. Though I barely draw anymore, if I was presented with the fact that I could never be able to do it again, it would hit me and hit me hard. No, I cant do original drawings of my own, but I can still express my feelings through my little sketches just like Hagu. It’s a bit embarrassing but I can really understand where she’s coming from.

In other news, this scene was funny, Ayu is still cute when she gasps, Nomiya can still be cool, and I dont have beef with the insert song this episode. The type fitted the scene but then again, I only caught a few lines. Didn’t really stick out much.

So in the end, this was a good episode and is moving along nicely. Though a bit sad that I wasn’t blown away with this episode seeing as it’s so close to the end, maybe my friend is right and this episode is a “build-up episode”. I hope so.

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