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Taiyou no Uta Episode 1- She’s Got Vampire Disease

Posted on September 5, 2006 at 5:34 am by ()
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In all seriousness, XP is a serious, serious disease… that, when spelt out, looks like an emoticon. LAWL. It’s a very rare disease but what happens is that the afflicted cannot be exposed to sunlight or they will die, thus it’s like a Vampire Disease. As funny as it sounds, it probably sucks a lot and I can only cross my fingers a cure is eventually produced.

Now to actually talk about the drama itself. Taiyou no Uta -which means a song to the sun- is a drama adaptation of the movie of the same name. The movie stars the musically talented -and sometimes cute- Yui and Tsukamoto Takashi (from Stand Up!! and Kekkon Dekinai Otoko to name some). Now I think the movie runs laps around the drama but when you consider that they’re trying to make a series out of a 2 hour movie, it’s not that bad. -a short preview is given below-

The drama’s cast is very well rounded led by Yamada Takayuki -who I still cant believe is only 19- and the VERY VERY pretty Sawajiri Erika. Yamada needs no introduction becuase he’s been in so many shows if you’re into this kind of thing you’ve probably seen him at least once already, be it in a movie or another drama -he was best in Sekai no Chuushin de-. As for the rest of the cast, this is my first time seeing Erika. Apparently she was in 1 Liter of Tears, a dorama I never got to becuase it’s apparently really sad and I just finished watching Sekai no Chuunsin de. Let’s hope she lives in this one, too, eh? HA HA HA HA. Ahhh. As for the rest of the cast, there’s Sato Megumi -the cute/evil chick from Hana Yori Dango-, Becky -a girl who I STILL cant tell what her nationality is-, and MY MAN Takenaka Naoto. He’s the man. Period.

Now you may be wondering what this show is about. Kaoru Amane cannot be exposed to the light for her life would be in danger the minute a sunbeam touches her skin. She CAN go outside, but she has to wear an emberassing outfit. Her solution, of course, is to go out only at night. The upside to all this is that she doesn’t have to go to school and she has time to play her guitar and meet with her only best friend. Enter Kouji. Kaoru has always been watching him through her window and only knows him through that. His past is still a mystery. When she coincidentally meets him one night, she realizes that he may not be the person she always thought he was. Of course there’s so much more, but that should either make you want to watch it or stay away from it.

I initially disliked the series because besides the basic of basics, the character personalities and situations are *drastically* changed. Kaoru is not as timid, her friend is too flirty, Kouji is too much of a jackass initially, his friends were needlessly dragged into the story, and Kaoru never had to sneak out her house. They also changed some of the situations like the fact that Kaoru found the guitar in the drama while she always had it in the movie. I guess I just enjoyed the movie so much I was a bit peeved at these changes. Eventually, I got used to it so not all hope is lost. I still think the movie is a bajillion times better, but hey.

Erika’s also not as good a singer as Yui, but that’s to be expected. Erika’s single just came out recently and the best song -also in the drama- is Stay With Me. Ever since I heard it in the show I was eagerly anticipating the single. It was on repeat for two days after I got it. Great song -HINT: CLICK IT-.

So yes, final words. If you did not see the movie, go ahead and try the series. Apparently Hinano didn’t and she enjoys it. If you DID see the movie, dont go in with high hopes becuase it will be dashed. If you liked the story, though, go ahead and watch because the cast isn’t so bad.

Thanks to mad_seeg who pointed out the movie to me. If you ever read this.

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  1. 1. seadog

    September 5, 2006,3:22 pm

    wow it sounds like a good movie. where did u find the movie and was it subbed? oh and same question for drama too.

  2. 2. Os

    September 5, 2006,3:39 pm

    You can get the drama w/ softsubs from d-addicts.com and jpopsuki should have the movie, also with softsubs.

  3. 3. minikui

    September 6, 2006,7:01 am

    I heard from many people who watched the movie that they didn’t like the series … I’m only watching the series and still don’t think it’s great, but it’s ok ^^
    There are also hardsubs btw
    But you should really watch 1 Litre of tears, that one is wonderful =D

  4. 4. Os

    September 6, 2006,4:12 pm

    Oh yeah. It’s definately not as good as the movie. When the next break comes, I’ll try 1 liter. It’s on my to-watch list.

  5. 5. shine

    September 10, 2006,1:45 am

    I’ve seen Yamada Takayuki in Lunch No Joou (really fun to watch). I have yet to watch Sekai Chuusin de since I don’t really like depressing dramas, but I have seen Erika in 1 Litre of Tears. She’s a decent actress and it’s a decent drama, but it’s not as overly sad or as life altering as people say it is…well maybe it is for people who’ve never met/have been afflicted with somekind of debilitating disease. For Taiyou no Uta, I really liked that movie and I loved how YUI’s innocence and passion had shown through her music. All of which seems so sincere. I’m currently checking out the series, but it seems like it’s trying a bit too hard. I guess I’ll have to take it as a separate entity independent of the movie. It’s kinda hard to top the movie though :\

  6. 6. kokanaden

    September 18, 2006,11:29 am

    I think its a matter of fixed impressions and expectations. Somewhat I can link it back to my impressions of RahXephon and how I used RahXephon as a benchmark against NGE (which I watched/am watching later). Totally wrong. While largley similar, they’re 2 different works with different emphasis. It would be an injustice to compare the 2.

    I think the same goes for Taiyou No Uta. I am one of those who watched the dorama first, and really enjoyed it. To me, I think both deserve to be viewed as independent entities, and should be so.

    As for Erika’s singing, I would think she has potential. After all, its her first single, and while her rawness can be heard, I think she did pretty well for her debut. Her subsequent renditions showed marked improvement I believe..

  7. 7. Os

    September 18, 2006,3:32 pm

    Yeah, her singing definately got better as the show wore on… at least for Taiyou no Uta. I just liked Stay With Me since the beginning. So now instead of just listening to just one track on her single, it’s two.

  8. 8. Kylie

    December 26, 2006,6:46 am

    Hey, this drama is nice to watch.. It’s so sad, anyways I love Yamada Takayuki and Erika Sawajiri.. I think they suit together.. Dont you think so? Who ever think so please send one comment… Thank you, by the way.. I know how to play Taiyou No Uta song with my guitar.. I know those chords… Haha, byebye!!!

  9. 9. Ledy

    December 29, 2006,8:18 am

    Hi, i’m from indonesia but i’m often watching dorama japanese… i really like it cause the story so simple n touching of my heart…
    Yamada takayuki, I love u!!! Erika,,, i need 1 gallon of tears, ok!… Hohoho… PERFECT Dorama!!!

  10. 10. Remy

    January 27, 2007,10:40 pm

    Hi~ ^^
    ..im korean, though im living in argentina.. i saw the movie a while ago, i did cause i really like yui ๐Ÿ™‚ and i really loved the story too ๐Ÿ™‚
    so beatiful! T.T
    …but i think the drama is awful -_-
    yui cant be replaced.. and her voice ๐Ÿ˜›


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