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Honey and Clover II Chapter 10- Everyone Needs A Secret Base

Posted on September 11, 2006 at 5:31 am by ()
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I dunno. Maybe it’s the new school year -my biggest school year- that’s making me really take every scene to heart but this episode really got to me. “Hey, Shuu-chan, what does living mean? You breathe and you eat. What are you supposed to do? I don’t know”. That pretty much sums up the situation that I’m going through at the moment. So when I saw/read it, I went “Oh! Now I remember why I’m so emotionally attatched to this series”. Maybe this is a “slice of life” moment.

And that wasn’t the only line that got me: “It’s absurd to think that your life wont have a meaning unless you leave some work behind.” As true as this is, I still cant get over the fact that I feel there has to be something I must do to justify my existence. Maybe this blog is it. Maybe giving someone some entertainment for a few minutes is what I’m here to do… Either that or I’m just going through that emo phase. Go figure.

ANYWHO, did anyone notice that cherry blossom screensaver that was running on Ayu’s laptop? THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME. You’d totally get a prize if you could make that for me. If you didn’t notice, it’s like that one screensaver where it’s a buncha windows flying at you, but this time instead of windows, they’re sakura petals. Win.

And speaking of Ayu, in the beginning, her face looked sorta off. Not crooked-off, but she just didn’t look like the Ayu that we’re I’m used to seeing. Like in episode 6 where Hagu looked more like a grown woman, Ayu looked more… human, I guess would be the word I’m thinking. Not to say I hate it, though. Look at middle school-Hagu, she looks so much better than how she was portrayed in the first season. It seemed their new looks didn’t change their appetite either. This episode wasn’t all drama becuase there were some funny scenes. One scene in particular was hillarious and scary at the same time. Nothing like “Yamada genocide”, right?

Then the biggest issue of them all: Who Hagu-chin ends up with. As a friend stated it: “NO!!! Takemoto + Hagu forever! Not Morita!”. I dont hate Morita, he’s the man -and from the looks of it, the front runner of Hagu’s heart-, but Takemoto has always been so cool since season 1. It would be blasphemous to wish Hagu and Morita a joyful relationship. But if he is eventually denied, I can only wish happiness for Takemoto when he joins the construction crew. He wont be thrown into the depths of hell, at least.

Hopefully this wont be the last time where I totally lose track of time as I watch this episode. It’s just what makes this series so enjoyable.

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  1. 1. berz

    September 11, 2006,7:57 pm

    well, takemoto is way more ‘normal’ for us(i’m also a student so, we really feel a lot of similarities with takemoto than anyother character).

    but living is boring, breathe, eat, try to keep your social life alive(since we are kinda stuck to the pc). we dont see that aspect of life of morita. maybe we could relate more with his life if they had show us more of morita’s life. but h&c its about takemoto(i’m wrong?). if u can figure out something beyond breathing/eating your life is good, if not… well. there’s sex and stuff o_0 we can survive hehehe

    oh well, i was thinking whole lot of things but the msn blinked and i lost the though(life is vain). anyway, h&c makes us emo, it hurts to be remembered of things we are always thinking but do not show.

  2. 2. Justice

    September 11, 2006,9:33 pm

    Wow, I watched the episode two times, and I didn’t noticed the Sakura petals in Ayu’s laptop, lol. I would like it if it has sunny skies and grass in the background, but still, it’s hot.

  3. 3. j.valdez

    September 12, 2006,10:38 am

    I wrote in my blog a while back that if one is not moved by H&C then the only conclusion is that person has no soul. Anyone who likes H&C gets +10 points.

    I noticed the screen saver too, and I though about how I could code one. I’m too busy with term projects at the moment to try it, please post it if you find one.

  4. 4. fuupuppy

    October 9, 2006,5:11 am

    I really love Ayu’s screen saver too…
    I can’t find anything like that in the internet.. so im planning to make one, but I dunno how to start XD
    any H&C fans who know how.. pls help ^^ haha!

  5. 5. Kaida

    December 8, 2006,2:57 am

    No one found the screensave yet? (´????)

  6. 6. Os

    December 8, 2006,5:34 pm

    Not yet, unfortunately.

  7. 7. Darkmoor

    January 7, 2007,5:20 pm

    As far as I can tell, there’s only one Windows screensaver that’s anything like Ayu’s falling sakura petals: http://www.euronet.nl/~rja/Hanami/

    Turn off the branch display, toss in a black background and it’s pretty darn close. The petals are somewhat smaller and lack some of the fine detail as compared to Ayu’s, but with as much as 8 flowers falling at once makes my computer chug that’s probably a good thing. 😉

  8. 8. Os

    January 7, 2007,5:51 pm

    Hmmm. Very intersting, this is. I’ll have to play around with it a bit, but it’s quite interesting.


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