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NANA 2 Movie Continues To Fall Apart…

Posted on September 27, 2006 at 4:28 am by ()
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Hm. Everybody loves broody little boys, right?

First off, thank you to Nana-Nana.net for the up to date casting news. I’m essentially just spreading the word. All credit goes to them.


Now the bad news. Not sure if I mentioned it the other time, but Ryuhei Matsuda is not playing Ren. I’m sorta bummed about this. Not because he was a really good Ren, nor is it because of his “chemistry” with Mika Nakashima -many argue that there was none and I dont fight back-, but just because I hate change to important characters in sequels. I’m just afraid that there just wont be that same feeling. Which brings me to another the other *and more recent* casting hit.

Matsuyama Kenichi– otherwise known as L from Death Note- will no longer play Shin. Sure, he didn’t play that big of a role in the first movie, but still, HE’S L WITH A GUITAR. I guess the replacement isn’t that bad: Hongo Kanataotherwise known as Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis-. Actually, in all reality, he’s more suited to play the role of Shin… but still, we’re already used to the old cast. I have no idea how Hongo acts, but after picturing him playing Ryoma, to have him play Shin… Isn’t Shin almost on the opposite side of the personality spectrum? I mean, if you’re a good actor you can play all types, right? Let’s just hope this boy wonder’s a good actor, then. -according to the official site, he’s at least into the part so that’s a good step in the right direction.-

I dunno… just Ryoma with spiked hair and piercings… awkwarrrd.

edit: trailer impressions found here

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  1. 1. sean

    September 27, 2006,7:05 am

    thanks for the update – and for the link to Nana-Nana (i’m a Nana fanboy and yet somehow i didn’t know about this site! even tho you linked to it in yr last Nana post…)

    the news about changing Shin isn’t that bad: the one *bad* thing about the first Nana movie was the casting of Shin. sure, changing actors midway thru a series/ franchise is not the greatest idea IMO, but changing Shin was always a necessity if a second movie got greenlighted. the only reason the casting of Shin in the first Nana wasn’t such an issue was that his role was so small. any sequel would *have* to have more Shin; therefore changing the casting was essential. good to see the new actor playing Shin is the same age as the character – Shin might actually be believable this time.

    and altho i posted earlier that i was happy that Yui-chan is playing Hachi, i’m not so sure any more. sure, Yui-chan is actually a good actor (not that Miyasaki Aoi wasn’t), and she’s gorgeous; but Miyasaki made that role her own: Yui’s going to have to act a blinder to not be overshadowed by Miyasaki’s absence. ah well – at least it’s more Nana. now, as soon as the DVD is released in the UK my life will be complete 🙂 .

  2. 2. Tsubaki

    September 27, 2006,12:29 pm

    Matsuyama Kenichi didn’t suit the role of NANA to begin with, because Shin was supposed to be a kiddo. But still, love him because he’s L with a guitar!

    I think this kiddo might do a good job for Shin. Shin isn’t exactly a very difficult character to play you know >D

  3. 3. Ariadne

    September 27, 2006,12:32 pm

    Seconding Sean’s comment — I really didn’t like Shin or Ren in the first movie, so I’m glad they’ve been recasted. Hachi, though? Not so excited. ;_;

  4. 4. Os

    September 27, 2006,3:04 pm

    Yea, the biggest bummer I have is the Hachiko recast. Ren is just a minor blip on the annoyance radar, but it’s there nonetheless. As for Shin, when I started on this post I was going to complain but midway I realized it was more fitting. It’s just the loss of a famous name for a *lesser* one. From what I remember, many people were complaining about Shin’s character way back when also, so maybe it’ll end up being the best move.

  5. 5. Hinano

    October 1, 2006,9:34 pm

    I finally saw the Nana movie today lol that sucks now that they’re changing the cast ^^;

  6. 6. refindintricacy

    January 13, 2007,9:59 am

    sadly forfor Ryuhei Matsuda playing Ren wasnt his best role but his really good in blue spring his one of those actors who can only act like those cool aloof distant bad ass types if you know what i mean lol

  7. 7. m3th3last

    January 15, 2007,8:27 am

    i was wondering when nana2 will be showing in singapore?

  8. 8. nanafan

    January 20, 2007,7:51 am

    ya when will nana2 be showing in singapore? at least my fav mika-chan is still nana. you all mean Ren is changing to a new cast too? hmm, hope the nana2 review isn’t that bad.


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