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Series Wrapup: Honey and Clover End Chapter – Stop. Bow. Wave.

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“No. No. No” is what I said as I heard “Split” starting to play. Dont take that the wrong way, those weren’t no’s of anger, it was just the fact that the series was ending finally settling in. Really, I dont know how to approach this final post. I love this series. That’s the best I can sum it up. I love this series. My posts are nothing special as compared to the many others out there, but this is the best tribute I can give. Of course, here’s where I plug in the link to Memento. I’d also give you a Honey and *four leaf* Clover sandwich but Caliburn keeps on insisting that it’d taste nasty. The fool.

I dunno, maybe it’s the fact that my life’s falling to shambles as I type, but I just couldn’t draw myself to cry during this episode. Tears started to well up, but there were no streams down my face by episode’s end. I feel as if I’m doing an injustice to what might possibly be my favorite series ever.

There is no doubt in my mind that I will watch this series again, though, and I will cry despite already knowing what happens. I’m 100% sure.

This season sure was different that last year. I’m sure mostly it’s because Honey and Clover was injustly treated to 12 episodes rather than 24, but maybe it wasn’t a bad thing. Character development was great, there was closure to the franchise and it was fast and it ended with period. No more speculation.

As for the final episode in question -Yes, I never found time to write about 11- I hate to say it, but the replacement they had play Takemoto just did not fit. The very beginning he was good and I almost forgot about it, but when he started to talk more and more, that’s when it got me. Hiroshi Kamiya‘s just got this special sorta rashness in his voice that I just associate with Takemoto and I love it. It may have been a possible factor to me not bawling like a baby right now, but I dont want to put all the blame on the guy’s shoulders. He’ll re-voice for the dvd release apparently.

There were many great scenes in this episode, too. Actually, this episode probably had ALL of my favorite types of scenes in it. Yeah. “ALL”. First and foremost, there’s the snowy scene with Kaoru. I love the snow and I’m thinking Kaoru may have become my favorite character. I can totally relate with the brother situation he went through. Next, there’s the cherry blossoms. I just seem to love pretty falling stuff, huh? The scene where Takemoto and Hagu were riding was no exception. In the first season, the greatest and most beautiful scenes were of Takemoto riding on his bike. As emberassing as it is to say, I cant even ride a bike but I just want to go away and ride for a while. Of course, I’m a big fan of beautiful backgrounds. Dont tell me this isn’t beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to just stop my life, go out into the world and just take pictures of the sky. And finally, the train scene made special by Nomiya earlier this season. I’m a sucker for stories like this.

As lame as it sounds, Honey and Clover definately found a niche in my heart. Oh. Actually, I lied. I cried as I typed this… three times.

It’s been great to write about Honey and Clover after missing out on the chance to write about the first one. I was able to let out some things that I always wanted to let out and I hope that anyone who read it enjoyed it.

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  1. 1. Lakail

    October 1, 2006,10:49 am

    Whoa man, I almost started crying again.

    Ah it is sad to see such a great series end.

    And Caliburn is wrong. Honey and Clover sandwhiches are yummy.

  2. 2. Caliburn

    October 1, 2006,10:51 am

    \”Oh. Actually, I lied. I cried as I typed this… three times.\”

    You baby… Man up I say! I shed not a single tear throughout the series!

    But I did feel pretty bummed that it ended and especially bad for Takemoto\’s end…

    And yes, those sandwiches WOULD be nasty. I mean, those clovers were randomly picked off the ground, they could have been growing in dog crap. Do YOU find dog crap clovers to be tasty?! I certainly hope not.

  3. 3. Brenna

    October 1, 2006,10:27 pm

    I love the train scenes so much, I would join a fanlisting dedicated to those scenes. Someone should seriously make a “Honey and Clover; train scenes” fanlisting. I’m not kidding, that would be entirely joinable for me.


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