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Death Note 02 – A Challenger has arrived

Posted on October 13, 2006 at 6:06 am by ()
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Episode two’s out already and things begin to heat up with the introduction of L, the famous detective who has solved cases deemed unsolvable around the world. L is my personal favorite character in all of Death Note, he’s a perfect mirror reflection of Light and it’s my thinking that if it were L that happened across the Death Note, there’s a chance he may have done the exact thing that Light is doing now. This is the point where the mind games and psychological tactics between the two begin.

Since the first episode, Lights been getting into a routine with the introduction of the Death Note into his life. In order to keep suspicion off of him he concludes that he must maintain his full grades, get plenty of sleep, and still spend time at cram school and other normal activites. This only leaves him with a bit of time to actually spend with the Death Note writing down the names of criminals. You can see that Light quickly develops two sides to his character, his true side, that is, the man who uses the Death Note to make himself a God, and a false act that he puts up for his family and everybody around him.

Light continues his daily activities and writing in the Death Note, he even constructs an elaborate mechanism to hide the notebook under a false panel in a drawer that, if lifted wrong, will ignite and set the book ablaze, destroying any evidence of its existance. All extremely paranoid kiddies should take note of this method so you can hide your dirty mags from mommy. Anyway, around the world and the internet Light’s acts of judgement have been gathering notice from the authorities and people alike. Sites dedicated to “Kira” are popping up all over the place where people hop on and cheer for him. But just as Light and Ryuk are looking in on these sites a special international news broadcast interrupts the television stations.

A man named Lind L. Tailor broadcasts himself, he claims to be known as L, the leader of all the worlds police officers. In his speech he condemns what “Kira” is doing as evil and goes on to say how he’ll put him on death row. It’s here that Light makes his first mistake and truely looses sight of his original goal. saying that none can stand in his way and that his methods are true justice, he writes down Lind’s name in the death note. Forty seconds later on live television the man has a heart attack and dies. Just as Light rejoices and laughs at the foolish man, the infamous calling card of L appears on the screen and the garbled, masked voice of the real L is heard.

In just one mistake that Light made for getting too cocky and killing a (supposedly) innocent man, L figured out that he could not kill him, that he did not need direct contact with people to murder, that he was human, and also located in Japan, as the broadcast was only aired in half of Japan, instead of internationally like it claimed. L belittled and made a of fool of Light on television and truely called out Kira. Now the war begins.

I was thorougly impressed with the way that this episode went, the artwork and overall quality from the first episode was still fresh in my mind and still present within the show as well. The introduction of my favorite character is also a major plus in my books. This episode more than any you can see just how fine a line it is that Light walks between justice and cold murder as he immediately went to kill a man who would stand against him, despite that man claiming to be an officer doing his job. It doesn’t take long for Lights cocky attitude to cause him to slip up and stray from his original goal of ridding the world of crime. It’s going to be a downhill moral plunge for Light as he fights his battle of wits against the infamous L.

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  1. 1. lolikit

    October 13, 2006,9:21 am

    Yeah, L was awesome 😀

  2. 2. wildarmsheero

    October 13, 2006,12:05 pm

    I thought this episode was quite dissappointing animation wise. A lot of stills and some recycled animation. The crappy encode I was watching didn’t help either. Good thing the story was strong enough to carry it.

  3. 3. Caliburn

    October 13, 2006,1:07 pm

    I tend to not notice things like reused animation (I guess that’s a good thing for me?) unless they’re pretty blatant. The group I got mine from was Live-Evil and if that’s what you’re talking about, yeah, their encode was pretty bad, but I can’t hold that against the anime itself. So long as there aren’t any mangled faces or half assed background art/figures I’m usually happy.


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