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Negima?! 02 – Robo nudity!

Posted on October 18, 2006 at 6:00 am by ()
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Oh yeah, this episode had FULL NUDITY of… Chachamaru! Robot boobs ftw! Oh yeah, there was plenty of delicious Evangeline to go around as well. I don’t know if I praised the artwork enough with my last entry, but really, it’s not up tot he level of Akamatsu but then again, who can really reproduce his stuff? …Other than Big Boss… Some of you pervs know who I’m talking about. Even though it’s not Ken level, it’s still extremely pleasing to the eyes to see it all in motion on the screen. It’s pretty impressive how they juggle several different styles or art and angling hich they employ in different situations.

What I mean by this is how well they tranisition between these changes. The flashbacks to the epic battle between Evangeline and Nagi (Thousand Master, Negi’s father) are done in a very gritty, mature style with fluid motions and almost a Gankutsuo feel to it in some areas. Then you’ve got the present time serious scenes, with different camera lenses and angles put to use along with a more dynamic and strong shading and contrast. Finally there are the scenes in the classroom where everybody’s having a good time and the show takes on it’s more humerous appeal, those are usually the brightest and most colorful scenes per episode and are really the only time given to get to know some of the girls so far. Of course we haven’t gotten to know many of the girls in this retake because just about full focus is on Evangeline, which I’m totally cool with, Evangeline’s definately my favorite character of the series and seeing her in action so much right from the start of the series is great. Plus you can’t deny that Eva’s equally awesome in her loli and mature form. One thing I did notice was that she was helping Hakase (Sorry, I forget her name) help repair Chachamaru’s damage form the fight with Negi the night before. I can’t ever really recall her interacting with Hakase much, and she seems to show a lot more concern over Chachamaru -though she’s still being very tsundere about it- than before.

As much as I love the attention Evangeline’s getting, I would like to see more scenes in the classroom as well (I know I’m asking for too much here!) it’s the one of the few times that the characters get to interact as one huge group and you get to see some individualism between them all. Plus it’s the only time I get to see my number 2 girl, Chisame! The small background tune that was playing through the classroom scene was kind of catchy too, and that type of msuic doesn’t normally catch my attention.

It feels like its not gonna be too long before the big pact is formed between Negi and Asuna now that she knows all about Negi being a mage, probably in the next episode we’ll see some giant harisen action! But who knows, maybe he’ll make a pact with someone else first, wouldn’t that be a crazy twist?!

Since this version of Negima’s being done by the staff from Pani Poni Dash! I’ve been tyring to keep an eye out for any hidden easter eggs that they sometimes toss in there, but one has been bugging me.

Is that split second dish pan girl from anything? I don’t see her as any character I know of, anyone have any ideas?

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  1. 1. akayuki

    October 18, 2006,6:40 am

    She’s a character from a previous work of Ken Akamatsu’s, A.I Love You. Ring a bell? Kinda like Chobits.

  2. 2. welcome.to/WallSky

    October 18, 2006,7:04 am

    I think she is 30 (Nunba Thirty) from A.I. ga Tomaranai

  3. 3. Caliburn

    October 18, 2006,7:42 am

    Ahh I knew she had to be someone! I just could not put my finger on it, that’s it! Thank you guys, that was bugging the absolute heck out of me.

  4. 4. Waterfall

    October 18, 2006,10:28 am

    First ever TEN CD OP set?


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