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Death Note 03 – Crime’s easy when your dad’s a cop

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What’s going on?
Light’s been casually playing his role as God for a little while now and is pretty eased into things and the way that it works. While he enjoys his few hours a day dedicated to jotting down the names of those he has deemed unworthy of life, the NPA has begun to assemble a team of Japanese police officers who are working with the infamous detective L to track down and capture Kira. The details they know of are scarce, but the pattern so far has been constant criminal deaths that are focused around a few hours during the day, common hours that a student would have free.

The Chief of the NPA’s division dedicated to tracking down Kira is revealed to be none other than Lights father. With the chief living in his own home and a computer he can easily get into with a quick share or remote desktop jump, the balls squarely in his court. Every move they make is carefully monitored by Light every day.

A new way to use the Death Note.
When he learns that they have started to suspect Kira is a student, Light develops his first trick with the established rules of the Death Note. If he writes a criminals name, they die of a heart attack within 40 seconds. But if he were to write the cause of death as “heart attack” he would then have an additional 6 minutes and 40 seconds to write the details, which include the time of death, if he so wishes…

This is where Death Note really begins for me. Light begins to test the limits and bend the rules of the Death Note into his favor. He finds more and more ways to use the Death Note that even Ryuk has never thought about. Light being the cocky guy that he is makes it blatant to the police that he can determine the time of death at will, and that he also has some connection with the police.

Light plays his mind game.
By doing this he plants seeds of mistrust between the police and L, which puts things even more to his favor. Everything he’s doing now is to draw out L and eliminate him. This is the first assault he launches against the police. By using the new trick he’s figured out with the Death Note he directly challenges L and makes Kira look like he could be anyone, not just a student. Already it seems as though Light is loosing sight of his original goal as he uses his condemned criminals as nothing more than toys and fodder in his war with L, instead of his original war with evil that he had consigned to fight just two episodes ago.

Difference between a man and a Shinigami.
Despite his battle with L just starting, things are getting heated up on the home front, as Ryuk lets him in on a few things. Namely that Ryuk isn’t with or against him, he’s just there for the entertainment (Gotta love the guy). Also, as a roomate who’s always with Light, he’s been feeling pretty annoyed at the human who’s been following Light. This catches Light off guard, L’s acting faster than he anticipated, as an FBI agent has begun tailing Light.

Then we learn a few more things about the differences between Shinigami and humans, as well as a deal that can be made between Light and Ryuk. For half of his remaining life span, Light can be granted the eyes of the Shinigami, eyes which can look right into a human and have their names and the amount of remaining lifespan they have appear right above their head. A powerful tool indeed, but will Light really give up half of his life for it?

My thoughts.
I just feel as though it is necessary to say this one thing, a lot of guys have bagged on Death Note thus far for its heavy use and reuse of still frames and all the inner monologue. Well guys, I hate to dissapoint you, but that’s what Death Note is! It’s all about the mind games, the traps, the mental struggles between different characters. A lot of time you see Light just duking it out with himself mentally, completely focused on just his thoughts and not moving.

This may seem like bad animation, but hell, it’s to be expected with a title like this. I think I’m more than willing to not have the characters moving around all the time for more constant, good looking artwork. Thus far Death Note has shown us that it’s very consistent and the quality is pretty solid. This is a show that, if you’re not so nit picky, can really get away with so much time with single frames of characters on the screen.

All other things behind I feel that Death Notes been going in a pretty good direction, though… I don’t know… it feels a bit rushed. I mean, five chapters in three episodes. I think it’s because they’re so strictly sticking with the manga material that it feels like it’s moving so quickly. Normally you see an anime adaptation from a manga and you can notice a lot of extra scenes and things padded out to flow a little slower or differently from the manga in order to meet time constraints and whatnot.

However it’s been pretty different with Death Note, such things have been kept to an absolute minimum and it’s almost like a seamless transition from manga to anime. Trust me, the is a lot of praise coming from me, I think being faithful to it’s original source is the best thing that an anime can do. I mean, look at NHK, if you’ve ever read the manga and watched that anime you would know the anime is an absolute train wreck.

I digress though, Death Note’s on the right track, Gotta wonder just how far this anime is going to go and how many episodes it has slated. I know ANN says some number in the 30’s, it said xxxHOLIC had 36 episodes a couple of weeks ago too, and it ended at 24. ANN’s not always right. Oh well, I guess I’ll just watch and see.

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  1. 1. wildarmsheero

    October 20, 2006,8:52 pm

    It’s not so much the animation that’s bothering me, it’s just that the first episode really took the source to a new level. The first episode had a lot of very well directed scenes, especially the one where Light was noting down all the names in the book. Now it just seems like more of a by-the-book adaptation. They’re not doing anything real creative with the directing like they did with episode one.

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