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Omukae Desu Vol. 1- Death Never Looked So Good

Posted on October 31, 2006 at 5:26 am by ()
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Just let me get it out of the way: WOW. THIS MANGA WAS AWESOME. Go pick it up and read it, it’s just too good.

… yet, I have a feeling many people will just pass this on the shelves. You know, that is if it even makes it to the shelves of your local bookstore. The Borders where I just happen to pass Omukae Desu only had one copy and it was carefully hidden between many other books. If I wasn’t spending the time to carefully examine each title, I would’ve surely missed it. What caught my eye, though, was its spine. Screw “you dont judge a book by its cover spine”, we’re talking about manga, here. It’s orange.. but thin, so you must keep you eyes peeled. If you go through all this effort, I’m just short of guaranteeing insta-fun.

As I was reading this, I couldn’t help but constantly think of 888, yet another series that never got more recognition and only received the one volume treatment at my store. 888, too, was a suprise after I picked it up. A manga about a detective agency? That must be lame, right? Wrong. Same thing for Omukae Desu. There’s a dude with a bunny suit on the cover, that must be lame too, right?

Actually, I lied, that guy in the bunny suit made it look pretty interesting. But that’s not the point. Despite them both not being licensed by the power houses that are Tokyopop, Del Rey or Viz, I gave them a try and I was totally absorbed the whole way. It’s been a while since I was able to read manga in the bookstore and just get lost in the book -with everything happening at such a quick pace nowadays-. It was refreshing.

The character designs look great. There’s really nothing too special about them but you just cant pull your eyes away. The book as a whole is broken up into little mini stories so if one wasn’t so great, the next one could be life changing. For me, though, I enjoyed every single story.


There are spirits still roaming the earth, they’re just hiding too well. Those that are still here have something they want to accomplish and refuse to go up. Enter the G.S.G., an organization whose job is to fix this problem and in this case, a team of a Bunny-suit wearing man and a loli that looks like a shota. There is also Madoka Tsutsumi, but he’s not a part of the G.S.G… yet. He can let spirits enter his body and accomplish what they want to do before they go to the big fish bowl in the sky, but he just wants to get into college. Upon seeing his dead neighbor one night, though, he decides to help out.

Supposedly, had it happened to someone else, the spirit would have total control, but Tsutsumi seems to just have good spirit control. Eventually, after much coercing, Tstusumi joins the G.S.G and turns out to be quite helpful.


As it turns out, I enjoyed the third story -whose name I’ve forgotten- the most. It actually has nothing to do with the bunny or the Tsutsumi stories and neither did the story after that, yet I wasn’t bothered. The stories are -for lack of a better word- cute, so dont expect it to be action packed or romance and angsted filled. They are a great read, though, and I highly recommend it, if only for a change of pace.

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