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Nodame Cantabile Live Action Episode 1- Musical Dorama of the Gods

Posted on November 6, 2006 at 5:12 am by ()
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To say I was pleasantly surprised would be a massive understatement. I was always skeptical of the manga. The way it was described on the back cover and the way it looked wasn’t appealing at first glance so I never read it. After watching this episode, though, I immediately went to go pick it up and I have not looked back since.

Thanks to the live action, I deeply regret for skipping over it for a long time now. The story is interesting and more creative than say, La Corda. Unlike La Corda, where I am sure that I can predict what happens next, I can only broadly assume Nodame Cantabile’s next turn. Each character has an intresting persona and I look forward to learing about their backstories -and their choice for the actor/actresses help, too. It’s a very nice cast. I’ll get to that later-.

So what IS the story? On one hand we have Chiaki. He is the star pupil who’s been in love with music ever since he was a child so it’s no surprise that he is the #1 piano player at the music school. On the other hand we have Noda Megumi aka Nodame. She is a very talented musician but her style is a bit messy so she is never fully appreciated by the big guys up top. When Chiaki gets into a big argument with his mentor and is ultimately kicked out, he ends up with the same mentor as Nodame. You can see where this is headed. The relationship is rocky at first. Nodame is having the time of her life while Chiaki feels as if he’s living in a nightmare. But eventually they do work together in such a way that music does retain its beauty. Naturally, this is not the end for Nodame and Chiaki. It seems that they’re neighbors and they’ll be seeing each other a lot more than Chiaki can ever want.

Nodame is on the whacky side and her total lack of sex appeal is made up for her cuteness and her raw musical talent. I am overcome with jealousy as I see her with her natural ability. I think it would be more useful if it was applied to say… the saxaphone, the best intrument in the world *and not the trumpet*. As for Chiaki, we all know someone like him. He’s one of those guys who is known by all and hated by some for he seems to just be able to do everything perfectly. What’s good, as we later learn, is that he’s not a total asshole at all and he does have true passion for music. Now THAT is respectable. There are more characters but the last big character we meet in this episode is Stresemann. This guy is THE MAN. Maybe it’s the actor that plays him that makes him so awesome, but to carry around a bundle of dirty polaroids automatically makes him the man. That’s right. If you’re a pervert, you win.

As I said before, I think the cast is great. Ueno Juri, the girl who plays Nodame already has a lot of experience with music for she was also the main girl in Swing Girls -a great jazz movie-. Apparently she’s been in a bunch more stuff but that’s where I recognize her from. It’s also sort of the same situation for Tamaki Hiroshi, who plays Chiaki. I only know him from Waterboys. It took me a while to realize that it was him becuase he was missing a giant mole and a giant afro. Then there’s Eita, who plays a rock electric violinist. I’m surprised to see him playing a role where the character isn’t an ass. There’s also Uehara Misa from Attention Please, Mizukawa Asami from Long Love letter, and Saeko from Nana. And the best for last, Stresemann is played by Takenaka Naoto. He’s been in so many things, if you keep up with doramas or movies you’ve probably seen him. He just rules.

With my limited time to watch shows this season because of school related activities, this is the one show -above all anime- where I will make the effort to watch. It’s just so fun and by now episode 2 has come out subbed and that, too, was great. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys music.


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  1. 1. Naddie

    November 6, 2006,6:34 am

    Never paid attention to the manga, either, because the art didn’t exactly attract me and I was already collecting a lot of manga and didn’t have enough cash to support another manga series anyway. But hmmm, am now considering to buy the manga. Of course, I’ll only buy them after the drama’s done, since I don’t want to spoil the drama fun.

    This series rock 😀

    (And if I’m lucky the Hanadan jdrama would start after Nodame has finished its run! One can dream, can’t one.)

  2. 2. minikui

    November 6, 2006,6:59 am

    best show of this season ^^

  3. 3. wontaek

    November 6, 2006,10:37 am

    This show managed to credibly pull off some of the toughest tricks in classical music. If you liked Nodame, pay special attention to the Gershin’s Rhapsody in Blues, which is used like a leitmotif ( themes associated with specific characters, locales, or plot elements ) for her. Most obvious leitmotif is for Stressemann: Prokovfiev’s Romeo and Juliet Suite’s 2nd piece.

  4. 4. monica

    November 20, 2006,12:06 am

    I started reading the manga but dropped it soon after the first volume. I thought it had a quiet charm to it but felt something was missing.After watching the live action I thought that exactly the problem–the manga couldn’t convey the music, obviously, but being able to hear the characters play and S orchestra perform really brings life to the world of Nodame Cantabile.

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