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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ep 1 – What’s the girl from The Grudge doing there?

Posted on November 2, 2006 at 5:33 am by ()
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This post is quite late, considering the fact that four episodes have already been subbed, is very well aware to me. But RAWR!

This series is also known as “Perfect Girl Evolution” or “The Wallflower” in manga version. The plot centers around four guys -who I think are brothers- who live in a gigantic mansion, but they have to pay rent. (The rent must be a great amount for a house like that…) One day, their land-lord tells them that her niece is coming to live with them! “Hurrah! A girl!” they exclaim. But no! A challenge is revealed! The landlord lady says that she shall make the rent FREE, but only under the condition that they turn the niece into a lady. The four boys take on the deal, thinking it will be easy-peasy. But once the girl shows up (who resembles the girl from The Grudge, in my opinion.), they’re all like “OHNO!”

I was crying the same thing while watching the whole episode.

The character designs of the males do not appeal to me one tiny bit. I kept imagining how they’d look like in my head, and it made me crriinnggee!! They are not aesthetically pleasing at all! I couldn’t find myself to believing that these characters were actually supposed to be GOOD LOOKING. Zero chances of me fangirling over these guys.

It has a lot of humorous moments, but damn, there are so many things that just grate my nerves the wrong way with this series, I don’t know what my final verdict is.

It seems to be like these people took a scene out of almost every anime, recycled it, rewashed and re-used it again this anime. “Haven’t I seen this somewhere before..”, I kept thinking to myself. And that bothers me. It’s as if I’m just watching the same things all over again, and quite frankly, by the time I got to this anime, it’s lost its appeal.

So many things just remind me of all of these other animes out there! Maybe if Yamato Nadeshiko had made its way to me before I’d seen things like Ouran Host Club in particular, it might have had a chance. But by the time the turn came for this show to make its appearance, nothing’s impressed me with originality.

Despite all of the negative feedback it’s getting from me, there were a few things that I liked. Surprisingly. It does manage to hold a certain level of cuteness and comical…ness that had me chuckling sometimes. But the fact that I find it very redundant threw away any chances of me liking the show out the window. Heck, I think I was laughing throughout the whole thing mainly just because it was so redundant! To me, it honestly felt like I was watching a compilation of scenes from various other shows put into one. Another thing I liked was that the opening theme song struck a chord with me. It was one of songs that impressed me upon first hearing! However for some reason, it just doesn’t fit in with the animation, one, single, bit.

I’m not insulting the show. I’m just stating my opinion and the fact is that I can’t get into it. It’s managed to survive the judging stares of many others out there, but when it comes to The Zee, her wrath has eaten it up. This show just isn’t for me. I’ll admit that I did enjoy the first episode. But only to an extent. There are too many things I’ve already seen and experienced that are making their debut for me to appreciate Yamato Nadeshiko for what it’s worth. Sorry, maybe next time.

I would still recommend that you check this series out if you enjoy shows like Fruits Basket, Ouran Host Club, and…. The Grudge? (Hahahaha…) Yamato Nadeshiko is enjoyable and entertaining for people who prefer Shoujo. But leave me out of this one.

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  1. 1. Danny

    November 2, 2006,5:37 am

    Hm…I think this show is awesome! It’s hilarious, though the bishounen are just too…bishie

  2. 2. kacpy

    November 2, 2006,6:20 am

    I thought the first episode had potential, but didn’t really do it for me… starting with episode 2 the show got uber-hilarious though and thankfully didn’t overuse the bishi designs but worked with super deformed ones instead. 🙂

    Don’t give up on the show before watching ep2 at least. :X

  3. 3. minikui

    November 2, 2006,8:46 am

    I really didn’t like the first episode at all and only continued watching it, because I knew that the manga was really funny >

  4. 4. minikui

    November 2, 2006,8:49 am

    oops, entry got cut …
    Now I agree that the show has been getting better with each episode so far, hopefully it will continue that way

  5. 5. Brenna

    November 2, 2006,8:52 pm

    I read the manga before I discovered the anime. Personally, the animation style is crap, much too typical for my taste. Yet, I think I may continue watching for awhile, mainly just to compare with the manga. The manga is a pretty good read, one of my favorites. It’s hard to make an anime to compare, they shouldn’t have tried.

  6. 6. Crystal

    December 11, 2006,7:48 pm

    I read the manga which is funnier before i saw the anime, which is funny too. but the boys are not related just friends. I hope the episodes come out fast unlike some other animes

  7. 7. Eva

    January 8, 2007,7:20 pm

    The anime drawing is shocking! Those lips! *shudder* I nicknamed it “Botox Boys” by esp 3. and had to hold my hand out to shield my eyes from their plumpness…

    now onto esp 10, and thankfully its toned down… (or im now de-sensitised)

    I love it now. i’m going to get my hands on the manga.

  8. 8. The Zee

    January 8, 2007,9:28 pm

    Hahaha, Botox Boys XD; That’s funny. You win a cookie for that. And I think it’s great that you’re giving it a second chance unlike SOMEONE…

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