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Late Bus Review: Kujiun Episode 1- Hit the Jackpot With This Version

Posted on November 8, 2006 at 5:13 am by ()
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If you’ve been to the Ano IRC you may have heard of Pip. He’s been harassing me to watch episode 1 for a while now but because I wasn’t much of a fan of the OVAs and seeing as the character designs were changed, it wasn’t too high on the priority list. I had the day off so I decided to read some of manga that I had sitting on my desktop collecting some digital dust. Among them was Kujibiki Unbalance Chapter 1.

After reading it, I was taken aback because… well, it didn’t totally suck. I went in thinking that the probability of it sucking was 98% and it went against the odds. I’m not declaring it the best manga ever -it’s not even in my top 10- but it’s one of the series that hints of potential and you should keep your eyes on.

I’m pleased to report that the anime was just as good as the manga, maybe even better. It sure did start off on the right foot. The first thing we are greeted with is the OP. If you didn’t know, Kujiun is the anime inside the anime Genshiken. I really enjoyed Genshiken -enough to make it my #1 or 2 favorite anime of all time- and Kujiun’s OP’s style is just like Genshiken’s playing its sweet sweet music for my soul. As I write this post, I have the OP on repeat. OH, IT’S SO MELODIOUS. -and upon further research, the reason they sound the same is because they’re both by the same artist. Go figure-.

Now for the show, it looks good. Real good. As I mentioned before, the character designs had changed from the OVA but upon further reflection, because I thought the OVAs were crap anywho, this isn’t that bad of a change at all. Koyuki, for example, is SO CUTE that when I saw her, I shivered. I dont even remember what she looked like in the original OVA, so I’ll take this version anyday… that is, if she even IN the OVA.

Usually in first impression posts, I would talk how it changed from the manga or in this case, from the OVA, but the OVA was such nonsense that I had no idea what happened. That may be one reason why I enjoy this series: I actually know what’s happening this time. Overall, I thought the animation and character designs look HAWT, the female seiyuu sound good, and it may be my favorite series of this season -though I’m not sure if it’s saying much because this season is weak-. You may not be able to tell but I’m burning with passion to watch more… and by more I mean, more siscon and hawt nurse action. Episode was lacking in those two departments. You can only hope now. You can only hope.

“Hmmm. ‘You will be mauled by a bear today’… Just my luck”

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  1. 1. meganeshounen

    November 8, 2006,8:20 am

    The manga Kujian made me recall the early days of Negima (READ: Action/Fanservice/Romance Hybrid). That was nice, and the anime’s not THAT bad anyway. Compared to some stuff we’ve been having…

    Oh, and right. Koyuki = low self-esteem = moe~

  2. 2. *shrug*

    November 8, 2006,9:54 am

    To be precise, “Kujibiki -heart- Unbalance” is the “Negima!?” to “Kujibiki Unbalance”‘s “Negima!” within the Genshiken world. The Genshiken cast members narrating the previews make that pretty clear (though I believe such a “remake” was never referenced within the Genshiken manga proper).

  3. 3. Dragon

    November 8, 2006,7:17 pm

    With all the lolis and all, I figure it would have been a big hit to Os.


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