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Jigoku Shoujo Live Action Episode 1- As Scary As A Narutard

Posted on November 22, 2006 at 5:32 am by ()
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If the anime was anything like this live action, I’m glad I never watched it. The fact that it was probably working on a super low budget doesn’t help, but I thought the main story was -watch this- lame as hell, too… LOLOL! See that? Play on words. Oh man. Oh man. And I thought I was losing my groove, too. But really, the budgest must have been 30 cents. Sorta reminds you of… this… or this and note: those didn’t turn out too good either.

As I was watching the episode, I was thinking “This is just like Goosebumps”. For those not in the know -I’m looking at you, Singaporeans-, Goosebumps was this show based on these scary short stories aimed for kids. When I was a wee lad, I was not a fan of the scary… actually, I’m still not a fan of the scary, but that’s not the point. I’d still watch the show anywho because that’s what everyone was talking about and I did not want to be ostracized at private school -and that point, your only friends would be the nuns-. But the thing that made me really think of Goosebumps was the “you-learn-a-lesson feeling” at the end. That’s just sick. Scare me to death or make me lol to death at your lameness, but please, do not teach me a moral lesson.

-Watch this again-. But the burning question is, “Is Hell Girl supposed to be that tall? From what I’ve seen, she’s supposed to be this moe loli. Who is this girl? What a bitter dissapointment.

I guess in the end, though, despite how it seems to end in a happy tone, she’s still going to hell.

You’ve seemed to have… lost your head for a second

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  1. 1. Plaid_Knight

    November 22, 2006,12:08 pm

    Out of morbid curiousity, I’m currently downloading the live-action version of the show just to check it out. I have found that most of the live-action fare from Japan is pretty bad, with lousy acting, terrible production values, low quality cameras, indifferent direction, and poor scripts. I bet that the live-action JS won’t do anything to buck the trend.

  2. 2. PabloDSZ

    November 22, 2006,3:00 pm

    I’ve never been a fan of Live actions, even if some of them are really good, this seems so rushed and anyone can tell they worked on an extremely low budget.

  3. 3. Plaid_Knight

    November 23, 2006,5:24 pm

    Holy crap, the live-action version really stinks. The actors look about as interested in their parts as the average community theatre rejects. Your fourth grade class did a better job in the school play. Surprisingly, the actress they picked for Honne-Onna doesn’t look too different to play the part, but the one who is supposed to be Wannyudou is both 35 years too young and about 35 pounds too heavy, plus has a full head of hair, and Wannyudou is supposed to be completely bald. And nice touch, having the bullied girl steal the money right in front of the butsudan dedicated to her late father. Plenty subtle … NOT. Also, the costuming in the show is lame and looks it. And speaking of lame, the special effects look like something out of Power Rangers. Only even more fake.

    Maybe I’m missing the point of making a live-action version exactly like the anime (except that the anime actually had better acting and direction). I guess I’m not the target audience for this, or for the remake of Psycho.


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