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My Ordeal with Strawberry Marshmallow Volume 2

Posted on December 9, 2006 at 6:00 am by ()
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Some of you may recall Os’s earlier ordeal concerning his purchase of Volume 2 of Strawberry Marshmallow (Ichigo Mashimaro) at his Borders. At the time, I laughed at him and mocked him severely for not doing the smart thing and just ordering it online, like I did with volume one. Well, here’s the part where I eat my words. I was at my local Borders Express at the Mall earlier today to seek out some Ranma 1/2 early volumes (It’s a classic and I’m missing a few). Then I see two offers, one for double Rewards points, and another that said buy 4 get 1 free. Let me just make a few things clear here, I’m 21 years old, The way I act and dress outside wouldn’t lead people to think I’m a fan of anime or manga, all throughout high school I was a proud headbanger and metal head. In fact, I hardly ever reveal my fandom to anyone, I’m just paranoid/insecure like that. From this point on, anything you see in italics is what I was thinking at the moment and of course the *’s indicate actions. But anyway, here’s how the trip went:

Me: *picks up a few different volumes of Ranma 1/2 manga* hmm… This is four… I get something free…

After a minute of searching I find nothing, but it would be such a waste to not use my freebie since I had it, and I carefully grabbed the one thing that interested me, as much as I dreaded it. Yeah, Strawberry Marshmallow volume 2. The one with the picture of Miu in a bathing suit on the back cover.

I made haste to the checkout line after waiting a minute, the store was pretty busy but there was only one person in line. Good! Or so I thought, he just kept hammering away at the conversation with the cashier and wouldn’t shut the fuck up and leave. By the time he was done there was a line formed behind me, mostly women, and a few around my age. I wanted to shoot myself and the guy in front of me. But it was too late, I steeled myself and stepped forth to the cashier, an older woman.

Cashier: Hi, how are you? Did you find everything today?

Me: Yeah I did, thanks *I set the small pile of manga on the counter, with volume four of Ranma 1/2 on top*

I hadn’t noticed it until then but… Well the cover for volume four looked a bit like this.

Me: Again, I want to shoot myself, I covered up Miu with THAT. Way to fucking go genius. Alright, she’s checking everything out… what the hell, why did she pause on the cover of Ranma 4?! Ahh she thinks I’m going to use this like a porn rag at home!Just finish it already! Oh God she got to Strawberry Marshmallow.

*time passes and I’m about ready to cry*

Cashier: Alright, your total comes to $43.37.

Me: *I hand her my Visa, and she runs it through and gets me to sign it BEFORE bagging Ranma and the Strawberry Marshmallow* Well that’s it, she thinks I’m a pedophile.I left in defeat and with a CLEAR BAG. What the hell?! Why wasn’t it white like before!? No, this bag was clear, and on ONE side was Volume 4 of Ranma’s cover, and the other side? The back of Strawberry Marshmallow volume 2! And here I was, on a Friday afternoon, having to walk through the mall to get to my car. Oh God, why did she do this to me, that cashier! This must be divine punishment, No, this is Barasui’s fault for making such delicious lolis! God I hope nobody I know sees me. Just gotta move faster… faster… Ahh the exit, right through the food court! OH JESUS IT’S NICK I KNOW HIM! I stop dead in my tracks and dash to the other side of the food court before he sees me and run out of the door and don’t stop until I’m in my car.

Man, I swear, This is all Strawberry Marshmallows fault. I was a fool for not ordering it online. NEVER AGAIN.

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  1. 1. wildarmsheero

    December 9, 2006,8:23 am

    Part of being an otaku is abandoning all shame. I mean, that’s why I have hug pillows and bedsheets with anime girls in their underwear. Once you realize normal people aren’t worth your trouble, everything becomes clear. 😀

  2. 2. Caliburn

    December 9, 2006,9:31 am

    That’s a pretty grim way of saying it, I enjoy being a “normal” person.

  3. 3. Seth

    December 9, 2006,9:48 am

    Tip 1: The Borders clerks realllly don’t care. Borders sells an assload of manga, so they have pretty much got to be used to it. Half the time when I buy manga at Borders they ask me if some random volume of it is any good.

    Tip 2: You like IchiMaro. You *are* a pedo. Hahahahah.

  4. 4. tj han

    December 9, 2006,11:28 am

    You are paranoid. Nobody thinks Ichigo Mashimaro is pedo. Everyone thinks its something like Barney or Teletubbies.

  5. 5. Caliburn

    December 9, 2006,11:30 am

    That’s a dirty lie and you know it. A grown man buying Strawberry Marshmallow looks 100% pedo.

  6. 6. jiv

    December 9, 2006,11:58 am

    Well… maybe some chashiers would think it’s for your daughter… unless you already bought a shitload of manga with hot girls in lingerie on the cover. Then, they will be sure you ARE pervert, and besides a pedo…

  7. 7. wildarmsheero

    December 9, 2006,1:09 pm

    “That’s a pretty grim way of saying it, I enjoy being a “normal” person.”

    “And that is why you fail”, to quote Yoda.

  8. 8. Caliburn

    December 9, 2006,2:46 pm

    No, I think it’s possible to enjoy anime without perving your room up to such an extent. I think my parents would be concerned if I had bed sheets with an anime chick in her panties. Hell, if I had a kid that had those I’d be concerned too.

  9. 9. Faust721

    December 9, 2006,3:40 pm

    I agree with Seth, I don’t think the clerks really care. And why should you care what she thinks. I had no problem with buying vol. 02 of it. And I’m sure the next time she see you there, she’ll probably won’t remember you.

  10. 10. fict

    December 9, 2006,3:47 pm

    lol, you got cashier-owned. Honestly, though, I doubt anyone cared about you purchases. People have walked out of bookstores with more questionable looking materials (nothing comes to mind, atm).

  11. 11. The Zee

    December 9, 2006,4:43 pm

    Oh goodness, you guys go through the funniest things at bookstores… so glad I’m a girl. So glad. XD;

  12. 12. Eleutheria

    December 9, 2006,5:39 pm

    The most “pedo” poster I have in my dorm room is Kino no Tabi, and you’d be half pressed to realize it’s a girl if not for the suspiciously rounded buttocks.

    The real “loli” stuff like minami-ke is hidden on the bookshelves between “Rousseau: The Social Contract” and “The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy”, umm… and Marx-Engels Reader, to name a few just by glancing above my head…

  13. 13. kevn57

    December 9, 2006,5:41 pm

    Hey Wildarmsheero so you’re “Kuchiki-kun”, I gotta have you pick up stuff for me. I’m almost 50 and still get embarrassed by some of this stuff. But I agree with your thoughts just wish I could past embarrassment’s myself

  14. 14. Ojisan

    December 9, 2006,6:42 pm

    “Kuchiki-kun” – that’s the new member of Genshiken who has no shame? Trying to remember…

  15. 15. kevn57

    December 9, 2006,7:33 pm

    That’s right Ojisan, he’s the one they had come to Komiket to buy stuff when they sold their doujinshi. He’s also the only new member they didn’t try to spy on to see if he’d read porn because Kuchiki had no problem reading it even in front of the women. I think Sasahara even says that Kuchiki has no shame.

  16. 16. wildarmsheero

    December 9, 2006,7:57 pm

    No, I think it’s possible to enjoy anime without perving your room up to such an extent. I think my parents would be concerned if I had bed sheets with an anime chick in her panties. Hell, if I had a kid that had those I’d be concerned too.

    It’s not “perving” up my room, I do these things because I love these characters, and this is my way of expressing my love. In the end, Otakuism isn’t really that different from any other interest, it’s just looked down upon because it’s not accepted by the mainstream.

    Hey Wildarmsheero so you’re “Kuchiki-kun”, I gotta have you pick up stuff for me. I’m almost 50 and still get embarrassed by some of this stuff. But I agree with your thoughts just wish I could past embarrassment’s myself

    I charge a hefty service fee. And please don’t draw parallels between Kuchiki and me. I’m shameless, but not obnoxious. At least I’d like to think so…

  17. 17. waista

    December 9, 2006,8:54 pm

    She will remember your face forever. Every time she sees you she will point you out to whoever she is with. They in turn will remember your face forever and point you out to their friends. This exponential explosion guarantees that everyone in your town will think you’re a pedo before christmas.

  18. 18. Os

    December 9, 2006,8:57 pm

    LAWL! “You’re a pedo before christmas”. Win.

  19. 19. Recca Phoenix

    December 9, 2006,10:37 pm

    oh hug pillows…… this is what guys buy instead of like bishounen plushies….he he he he…..

  20. 20. HaesslichHaesslich

    December 9, 2006,10:43 pm

    I have no problems picking it up… but I do it at an anime store where they KNOW the topic, plus I include other manga to go with it. Simple.

    You deserved the looks if you just picked it up at ANY old bookstore. 😉

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  22. 22. Rhea

    December 12, 2006,4:51 pm

    Why would we bookstore clerks make fun of loli manga when the yaoi stuff is so much funnier? I mean, really, Boy Princess?

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