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We’re Not One Of You! Look At Our Rooms Part 1 *Warning: Jpeg Heavy*

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So we at Karoshi have been planning on doing this for a while now, but because of various reasons, we did not get off our asses and do it until today. We wanted to do it when there were other singaporeans bloggers who did it… but eh (there were two more places but I dont remember who, my appologies). This will be a two parter weekend exclusive (maybe three-parter, but I have no idea because we’ve lost our loli).

Let’s get started, shall we? *warning: if you have a slow computer, you may be here for a while*

Let’s get an establishing shot of everything first, shall we?

Please pardon the mess. I’m not cleaning it simply because hundreds of complete strangers may be looking. Look, there are Jelly beans on my bed… and that Hello Kitty on the shelf was a gift. I feel so pretty.

Here are my babies. The most -and only- otaku thing that I collect are manga. It pretty much grows by the week -as long as there are coupons, I will spend-. Dvds are too expensive so I settle on manga. Long Live Borders! AND GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, AISLE CAMPERS!

And closer shots of the manga:

See that lone Kare Kano volume? I’ll get the other 20 volumes this summer. V.7’s my favorite so I HAD to own it. Oh, and I have two copies of Q-ko-chan V1 because I got 1 and 2 as a gift from Del Rey. And you probably cant tell, but to the right of the Continued magazine is the Haruhi Suzumiya case for my Yuki keychain. Good job guarding the loot, Nobue.
Fruits Basket. Cant live without it. That’s my best row: Fruba, IchiMashi, Love Roma and Genshiken.
Took this photo a long while back, but it’s remained unchanged since.
Yeah, I eventually but Saki back in her box. I wonder if she still smells nice… Oh and those GTO dvds are TOTALLY legal.
I wish I could read those large volumes of manga. Got ’em for free, once again thanks to my pals at Del Rey. The ones on top are actual books. Besides the ones required for school, I can actually read those for hours and not get bored. Three are on Japanese pop culture and two are on Beat Takeshi, the best director ever.

So you may be beginning to think that my room’s pretty non-otaku, save for all that manga. Well, it’s because you have yet to look right…

and up….

Oh how I love that Honey and Clover Poster. I go to sleep looking at it and waking up to it. Good stuff.

Yeah, the one time I had a few friends over, the girls were pretty taken aback by the posters. Did not look them in the eye for the rest of the night. AWKWARD.
And that’s about the jist of it. If it wasn’t for the posters, I’d seem pretty normal. But no. No I’m not.

And here are just some photos that didn’t fit anywhere on the tour:

That’s my prized beanie. Good memories. Note to anyone else who has one: You WILL get some really scary stares if you wear this to school. I thought these group of gangsters were gonna kick my ass. As for the ramune, they dont even taste that special, but I like the bottles. I get ’em for cheap, mind you. Not like $800 at cons. LAWL AT YOU.
Yeah, I cant believe I actually BOUGHT dvds, too. Damn import prices. Same thing for my cds. Spent $45-60 on import cds. You’d do anything for the pillows, I tell ya.

Now that’s it. Get out of my crib!

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  1. 1. wildarmsheero

    January 27, 2007,10:39 am

    At first glance your room looks extremely girly. Especially that frilly pink shit around your window.

  2. 2. Tsubaki

    January 27, 2007,11:47 am

    EEH? Os is a girl? Or rather your room looks rather girl-ish. I supposed it’s teh lacy things around your window. Lol.

  3. 3. reslez

    January 27, 2007,11:51 am

    I’m jealous of your posters! I think you have more manga than me or it might be that I have mine stacked in an ugly pile… I ran out of bookshelves 🙁 For anime I have more burned dvds than anything else… takai desu yo

  4. 4. tj han

    January 27, 2007,12:10 pm

    I win. PWNED.

  5. 5. Pip

    January 27, 2007,12:50 pm

    Whoa, whoa. I didn’t know you liked Kodocha! Also, your room is kind of girly, but I expect nothing less. Did someone say shoujo?

  6. 6. Pip

    January 27, 2007,12:51 pm

    One more thing. That shirt, the seishun gakuen tennis club uniform? I think so!

  7. 7. Caliburn

    January 27, 2007,2:04 pm

    Os are you sure you didn’t wander into like, some little girls room when you took those pictures?

  8. 8. Os

    January 27, 2007,3:10 pm

    No no. I stole from a girl… as for the curtains, they were always there. and they’re white. white frilly shit.

    and yes. I’m my own woman.

  9. 9. Adun

    January 27, 2007,4:49 pm

    Yeah you sure have a lot of girly items. But that’s not a bad thing I suppose. Though it does question if you are a trap or not, lol.

  10. 10. thegreencrayon

    January 27, 2007,8:06 pm

    Hm, I wonder who’ll be next to post an entry about their room.

    Yeah, before I even read your post, I thought this was going to be a girl’s room. Whoops~!

  11. 11. The Zee

    January 27, 2007,11:51 pm

    Hey, I am so not lost! See, I’m right here! And I happen to like Os’s room! I think it’s cozy and has a lot of personality.

    ….but even then, those curtains still make me laugh XDDD

  12. 12. Ten

    January 28, 2007,3:29 am

    Hah. I love the Hello Kitty. I think it’s my favorite piece in the entire room.


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