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Code Geass- So THIS Is What Everyone’s Talkin About

Posted on January 1, 2007 at 5:26 am by ()
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Okay, so I’m just a bit late on posting about it. Just a bit. But hey, with the news of it’s licensing, what better time, right? Happy New Year.
So what can I say. I’m hooked. It’s not shoujo, there are no cherry blossom scenes, there is no Hagu… but I couldn’t stop proceeding to the next episode without much restraint. The only reason I didn’t watch all 11 *subbed* episodes in one sitting was because I wanted to leave myself something for the other days and partially because of my tetris wifi addiction.

I have the three episode test to thank because I was not blown away by episode 1. With the sight of war, I was prepared for major boredom. Lelouch wasn’t anything special, he’s just one of those genius kids that’ll probably get into mischief. As a whole, it sorta reminded me of S-Cry-ed, of all things… at least, the setting did. But with the question of my taste in anime, but more specifically, my “[online] manliness”, I plunged on and was quite surprised.

Here we have a genius-like kid who can fight, we have a futuristic-esque setting, and we have a powerful and mysterious girl. Nothing we all haven’t encountered one way or another before, right? Then why do I like it so much?

Is it the CLAMP character designs?
Well, they sure do look mighty sexy. This helped Geass’ case.
Is it the mecha?
Ha ha, no.

Is it the “action”?
I’m sure I could find more action in something like Black Lagoon -which I still have to see episode 3 or 4 of-.

Why I’m drooling for the next episode, is really beyond me. I think it’s best for me to not question it and anxiously wait for episode 12… time to go order some Pizza Hut.

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  1. 1. Maiku

    January 1, 2007,6:22 am

    Looks like you fell for it then if you thought that site was legit as it’s just meant to parody the Haruhi site ^^

  2. 2. Eleutheria

    January 1, 2007,9:14 am

    You got punk’d, or is it mirage’d?

  3. 3. wildarmsheero

    January 1, 2007,10:40 am

    I think he was playing along in attempt to make you all LOL. I hope.

    It should remind you of s-CRY-ed, given it’s by the same director, and I think the same guys are on music.

  4. 4. Os

    January 1, 2007,10:46 am

    Ha ha yes. I know that it’s not really licensed please at least give me more credit than that.

  5. 5. Caliburn

    January 1, 2007,12:44 pm

    About time you finally watched Code Pizza Hut.

  6. 6. ordnance11

    January 1, 2007,3:43 pm

    Remember..Pizza Hut supports the rebellion!

  7. 7. Crayotic Rockwell

    January 1, 2007,5:11 pm

    I was starting to nod off on this after a bit.. but the latest few episodes brought me right back in.. I find I’m much more interested when it’s not trying to pull wacky highschool comedy hijinks on me

    That pussy who pilots the Lancelot pisses me off to no end however. I don’t want any of this “who should you root for?” crap muddying up the waters. Just let Lelouche punch everyone in the nuts with his awesome speed-chess techniques.

    Course I’ll take it all back if that guy gets shot in the face by Lelouche or goes to the darkside. Then it’ll be good times.

  8. 8. alafista

    January 2, 2007,12:29 am

    its all about the pizzahut ~~

  9. 9. Finalsights

    January 2, 2007,1:10 am

    Oh tetris wi-fi adict, me too!


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