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Nodame Cantabile Live Episode 11 (Finale) – Baby Please. Dont Leave Me!

Posted on January 2, 2007 at 5:27 am by ()
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And so ends one of my favorite doramas of all time. If only I was in Japan, it’d be the best Christmas present of all time. But alas, it was a good… New Years present?

I’m having a hard time writing this final post because I just dont want it to end. I mean, really, what else can I say besides “It was so amazingly orgasmic, I could fap to this episode?” That should pretty much sum it all up. I really dont think that the anime can be the same high level of quality -this is just too good-, but I will at least be able to get myself some Nodame/Chiaki action until… SEASON 2?! HMMM?

… okay, this is just hopeful wishing. There has been no word of a Nodame Cantabile II… yet? Maybe, just maybe, since the manga has not ended, it will pull a NANA 2 and give us a sequel. There SHOULD still be stuff to work with. As long as they dont change the cast… I should stop. I’m drooling now.

The parts where the were all crying, I almost started to cry too and the whole time I was telling myself “Please dont end, please dont end”. Unfortunately it did, so let’s go through it, huh?

Chiaki / Tamaki Hiroshi– It was great to see him really change for the better. The part that really got me the most was when he was crying as he was conducting. Despite the fact that he doesn’t really know how to conduct -according to the SMAP Bistro episode-, that scene was just beautiful. I will always see him as the sempai with the mole and afro from Water Boys, but that was real good. Oh, and I forgot to mention in the previous post: THAT WAS A CONFESSION! WOOOOO “GO TO EUROPE WITH ME, NODAME”.

Nodame / Ueno Juri– oooh, Ueno Juri, you sure have grown since Swing Girls. Also in the show. Your facial expressions are priceless. If I could go back in time and beat up that professor that slapped you, I totally would.

Eto Sensei / Toyohara Kosuke– Ah, you big lug. So you’re not a big jackass afterall. If you couldn’t get Hermes, as least you got a kick ass job.

Takuma (?)- Despite all the othe theatrical speeches he gave, the simples one where he states he just wants to be the person who helps his friend reach it to the top. That was just as moving as Chiaki crying, I thought.

Stresemann / Takenaka Naoto – You became one of my favorite actors since Ping Pong. Like the subs said, I have no idea how you could’ve talked that way.

Sakura / Saeko– I love your voice. See you in NANA 2?

Masumi / Koide Keisuke – This is my first time seeing you in a dorama -though Dramawiki says you were in Waterboys?- Point is, you dont know what I’d give for that afro and mustache.

Kiyora / Mizukawa Asami – You weren’t that hot in Long Love Letter, but for some reason, you were really hot in Nodame. It must be the violin.

Mine / Eita – As I’ve expressed before, I cant believe you didn’t play the role of a jackass. This time, I didn’t hate you at all. I wouldn’t want that hair, though.

Ahhh. It was SO GOOD. All I can do now is hope for season 2.

LOLOLOL. Who IS this guy?

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  1. 1. Pip

    January 2, 2007,10:10 am

    Osu man, we should have skyped during the episode. Then I could have heard your lolicrying!

  2. 2. The Zee

    January 2, 2007,11:47 pm

    The fifth screen-shot is SCARY.

  3. 3. hashihime

    January 3, 2007,8:38 am

    A terrific show. Chiaki crying as he conducted was definitely great. All the big music scenes really worked. And yesyesyes I love Sakura’s (Saeko’s) voice. Now I have to see the other shows she’s been in.

  4. 4. jutien gustave

    January 6, 2007,2:06 am

    WOW! At least I know that I am not the only one to feel this way about “Nodame Cantabile.”

    Keep hoping for a season 2! =]

  5. 5. reddevil_chan

    January 11, 2007,7:10 am

    i don’t want to be end…
    it’s very great drama..
    i’ve been watching all over again and again
    in the result, i more fall in love with this drama
    cause they so much pay attention on detail
    and of course the acting and the music…

  6. 6. Aya_s

    January 22, 2007,10:01 am

    I love this show!!!! I couldn’t stop crying either and I hardly ever cry over TV series. I really hope there is a Nodame 2, or at least the anime carries the story forward a bit. We all need our Nodame fix!

  7. 7. ok

    September 25, 2008,1:22 am

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