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The Anime Graduation Paper and Me Part 1

Posted on January 3, 2007 at 5:29 am by ()
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So for a year+ now I’ve mentioned here or there that I will be writing a graduation paper of sorts on the subject of anime. I’ve known that I had to prepare and perfect said paper for a while now… and I didn’t start it until two nights ago. Luckily it’s on anime, because it wasn’t too horribly boring.

For those in the know, I’m talking about my Extended Essay for the IB program. If I dont do well on the essay -and I’m already planning on tanking one IB test: Spanish-, then I’m not getting the damn diploma and I’ve wasted all this damn time for absolutely nothing. But now I’ve learned the truth. Already seeing four of my friends get into well known schools in the area who are not going for this stupid IB diploma, I’ve realized that being full IB and doing this essay will mean jack anyways as I’ll get the advance diploma by default anyways.

So in short, what I’m about to present to you is essentially a draft. It does not contain all my passion and heart that I have for anime, so it is not one of my greatest pieces. It’s not due until Febuary, so if you’d like to give me some more ideas to make it… say… 500+ words longer, by all means, please do. Hell, you can even write some for me if you wish. I will break it into n number parts as it’s around 3000 words. First up, the intro.

Oh, and side note: My topics is “Is Anime Only Aimed Towards Children“. Of course we all know the answer to this, but this is a broad enough question so that I can ramble on about anime in general and it’ll still sorta fit. Oh, and one more thing, Jackie. JP Kim, if you’re reading this, I was too lazy to actually go through all your old stuff and plagiarize like we joked about way back when. Such a shame, too. So without further ado, here we go… err. Wait. If anyone can think of an awesome title, please do that, also. Now here we go (the intro):

Comic strips are simple, yet elegant. The Funnies, as they’re also called, get straight to the point and evoke one’s sense of humor. One does not need to be a Van Gogh to create a comic strip for this is one case of “amplification through simplification”[1] and this simple humor can appeal to all audiences. Not counting internet based comic strips, there are over thousands of comics in circulation and the audience is not just one core demographic. Cartoons, in the most basic sense, can be seen as the animated version of comic strips. When viewed, they too are simple and elegant. The difference a cartoon holds over a comic strip is that it can do more than be humorous. With the change from still art to animation that is moving, cartoons have the ability to do more than appeal to one emotion. In the West, cartoons are used by many as methods of educating children on a variety of subjects. Be it their basic numbers or alphabet, when put in animated form, it is not only simple fun for the child, it is pleasurable in their eyes. The main problem lies in this fact. Because cartoons are geared more for children, it is commonly accepted to view all cartoons as mostly aimed for children with the exception being adults who still watch cartoons for the nostalgia value. In this case, the object under scrutiny is Japanimation. Japanimation, also called anime, is exactly as it sounds. Anime are animated cartoons originating from Japan. Though there are many arguing today whether anime is considered an art technique or cartoons that are created by the Japanese in their native country, in this case, it will be considered the latter of the two. In terms of cartoons and comic strips, it has the broad appeal of comic strips and the physical being of a cartoon. The interest found in anime as an object lies in how it can be so much like a cartoon, yet entirely different and if whether these differences affects the general target audience. Following the above formula set by American cartoons, Anime should then also be considered as media aimed for children. This is far from the truth.

To be Continued…

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  1. 1. Seth

    January 3, 2007,11:04 am

    Be sure to includes lots of screenies.

  2. 2. Ace

    January 3, 2007,11:47 am

    Reminds me a lot of my paper I wrote for freshman english verifying anime as an art form. Same premise more or less, but I did a much broader topic, touching into both extremes of the negative stereotypes (just for kids/porn and violence) that plagues anime.

  3. 3. Gary Ee

    January 3, 2007,12:24 pm

    Overall critique:

    It is a fallacy to assume that all comic strips are necessarily humorous in nature since manga are also comic strips. Also there have been a history of strips that are essentially dramatic in nature; many exisiting superhero comic books started that way. It might be wise to qualify your statement with reference to the majority of contemporary comics in circulation in American newspapers.

    The statement that comics cannot be more than just humorous is also false. A manga volume of Death Note alone would disprove it. Rather animation engages a sense of sound as well as the sense of sight. Also it allows for the conferment of the senation of motion that manga cannot fully replicate. Ditto for emotion. Ever seen a dedication to 9-11 in a comic strip? Or Maus, Bone, Concrete or Preacher?

    Should quantify that in the West, animation is aimed at children more clearly.

    Before you classify anime as a cartoon or not a cartoon, you must define the term “cartoon”. Arguing that anime is not a cartoon in most senses is difficult. Rather it would be more fruitful to explore how the same medium is used to convey a different range of stories in different cultures.

    The title, if strictly interpretated, immediately invalidates your argument because there exists anime that is aimed at children such as Pokemon. So if you asked “is anime aimed at children”, the simple answer would be “yes”. If you asked “is all anime aimed at children”, then the answer would be “no”. Perhaps it would be more academically rigorous to examine the cultural context of the medium instead. “The Differing role of Animation and Sequential Art in American and Japanese Culture” is a valid title.

    It is also noteworthy that Japanese newspapers do not typically carry comic strips the way that American newspapers do. It also beggars the question of comic books as opposed to comic strips in newspapers. Why is this facet of comics in the West not covered in the introduction? Such an omission could cost your argument credibility. Examining the role of sequential art as a whole could prove fruitful.

    Grammatical advice

    “Japanimation” ought to be in double apostrophes since it is not a formal word. Same goes for “anime” when you first introduce it.

    You cannot begin a sentence with the word “because” because “because” is a conjunction. “Since” or “as” are valid replacements.

    Anime is a “subject”, not an “object” since it possesses no physicality.

  4. 4. Hung

    January 3, 2007,1:34 pm

    Use film school words like “mise en scene” and “vis a vis.” My old media arts professor used to use “vis a vis” in almost all of her sentences to us. Eventually we just gave up and used a dictionary.

  5. 5. Yume

    January 3, 2007,3:27 pm

    Wow, I wish I were as brave as you to use this topic in my EE. I just wrote about Jane Austen. XD;; It’s hard sometimes to write about what you really want when a score/diploma is at stake. But I totally agree with you about the IB program. You really don’t need it to get into great schools.

    But anyway, for an IB paper, I think this is a fine start but you should incorporate some more epic American comics as Gary Ee mentioned, since there are a lot that are not meant to be funny.

    And what the hell, my Extended Essay was due in December. >:O

  6. 6. Os

    January 3, 2007,4:00 pm

    Thank you Gary Ee, for your words. One thing I will not do is take on a “more academically rigorous” subject at the time for it would cost me money and the fact that I have extreme distste for this program and this paper is simply something to turn in.

    Now I will most definately take your words to heart and improve upon -at least I’m hoping to- this paper by doing many, if not all, of the things that you suggested.

    As for the “because” starting the sentence… I guess debate, from the smaller grades until a few years ago, I have always been taught not to start a sentence with “because”. Now, I’m being told that it is not exactly gramatically wrong, but it’s easier to use it wrongly than correctly. I’ll definately check the sentence again and try to fix it as to not start with because, but I just cannot stop using it as the word that begins many of my sentences.

    Once again, thank you, very much.

    @Yume- Ha, well. It’s not techincally due until February and seeing as the people running it at my place are essentially powerless to do anything but tell us due dates, they are my rugs to step upon.

  7. 7. Lenners

    January 3, 2007,4:50 pm

    OMG You’re in IB 😮 Those bastards rejected me >:[

  8. 8. Cardcaptor

    January 4, 2007,2:48 am

    Here’s my comments on the style and organization.

    I think your intro is too long. If you were to type it doublespace, it would consume more than 3/4 of the first page. I don’t think you need the part about comics. Starting the paragraph by talking about the West’s perception of animated cartoon should be enough.

    There are also choppy sentences in succession: for example, “In this case, the object under scrutiny is […] animated cartoons originating from Japan.” I think you should merge them.

    You say there is “problem” in “this fact.” What is the “problem” and what is “this fact?” Most people would think that “this fact” means the fact that “cartoons are used by many as methods of educating children […]” or the fact that “[cartoon] is not only simple fun for the child, it is pleasurable in their eyes,” in which case they would see no problem about it at all.

    Perhaps it is enough in the intro to only say that anime are animated cartoons from Japan. You can clarify that you think of it as a technique in the paragraph that you discuss anime in details.

    I also feel that the sentence “The interest found in anime as an object […] the general target audience” needs paraphrasing. You don’t want to tell the reader how anime is interesting. You just want to hammer it down that anime seems to be the same as American cartoon, but yet very different in terms of viewer demographics.

    Lastly, you shouldn’t say something that you are going disprove in a complete sentence, and then say that it is “far from the truth” in another sentence. I prefer the thesis to be contained in one sentence. So, I think you should merge the two sentences together and say it outright that “it is far from the truth that […].”

  9. 9. chrno

    January 4, 2007,11:53 am

    I did the Full IB diploma. I chose a comparrison of Battle Royale with The Lord of the Flies for my extended essay.

    IB is good for the free credits, as well as the fact that you really do get better prepared for University. Also, IB teaches you how to BS essays, an essential skill.

  10. 10. Os

    January 4, 2007,2:59 pm

    @cardcaptor- Thank you. I have not yet started on the revisions, but I will pretty much do what many people suggest to me if I think it is the right thing -in most cases, I do-.

  11. 11. starcaptor

    January 4, 2007,4:18 pm

    Man, I missed the IB program in my HS as it was just starting to get instituted when I was a senior. AP was bad enough IMO though, so the best of luck to you! =).

    One suggestion, is that you should assume clear ignorance of your reading audience, as this is not going to be a peer reviewed paper as if you were writing a thesis. You should break down every term like japanimation and anime before even using them as a subject word in subsequent sentences. Once you define it once, you can objectify it as many times as you want (essentially, relating subjects to anime, ie: Blah Blah is this compared to anime.)

    You can begin words with because, as long as you have a comma in the sentence to act as the contraction, because then you would simply be putting “because” in the front, rather than the middle of the sentence.

    A graduation paper should have a style completely your own, so I will not comment there: however, I salute your near-audacious stab at turning a favorite pastime into an academic paper. Uraemashii ^__^

  12. 12. stormelemental13

    January 4, 2007,8:42 pm

    While I know that this is rather, or perhaps very, off-topic. I was wondering if our resident acedemic, or anyone else for that matter, would care to take-up the gauntlet and examine the chimera issue. What affect could this have on the common fantasy of catgirls.

    I am quite curious to see what people think.

    For reference see the BBC website, example reference being http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6107796.stm


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