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I’m only just realizing it now at how tedious and complicating anime blogging really is; it was never noticeable to me when I was just a reader. Following the posts of the various blogs that I frequented never gave me the chance to think about what goes into each post. All the effort and time people put into it was never apparent. But now that I’m on the other side of the window, I’m seeing things that I wasn’t able to before.

The main thing I noticed was how you have to strive to make your blog different from the others. It needs to be noticed, to be distinguished, and has to have an element of “special.” To do this, there are numerous steps to take. And a person does all this just so it can have readers; because really, our blogs are empty plastic bags floating in the wind aimlessly without the readers.

The method to gaining readers and a reputation in the anime blogging world is a struggle, more so for the newbies than the others. No one wants to get lost in the monotonous sea of Haruhi episode posts and fade into the background. Nobody wants to read the same thing over again. But when you can’t think of anything else, what else is there to fall back on? And isn’t that what anime blogging is about; a bunch of nerds with nothing better to do than to talk about anime?

However now, the basic episode post is no longer on the hot market. This is where things like Commentary and Editorials come into play. I look up in awe and admire those who manage to come up with something rather than “Fate/Stay Night ep ______”. Unless you’re an editorial churning monster, this ability transcends my mind. Thus, I produce the regular episode posts, much to my dismay.

Along the same line of thought, I’ve learnt from Os’s rule of “A Post a Day!” and from various lists out there that posting regularly helps to build a reader base. This is obvious, but fares to be difficult due to three reasons: 1) Lack of time, 2) Lack of [original] ideas and 3) Lack of time to think of [original] ideas.

Opting to fulfill this dream of “A Post a Day!!!”, I set out on a journey hoping to find the right flow of air that would give me a stem of ideas that would blossom into successful posts, which would last for ages and I could tell my grandchildren about them. Thus was my disappearance to California. Unfortunately, all I came back with was a bag full of cracked sea-shells, no souvenirs for Os, and a threat of being demoted. Hahaha. Anyway, that was a little discouraging and I slowly fell back into the pattern of episode posts.

Despite the minor difficulties I’ve encountered though, there are those little pleasures of anime blogging that I didn’t get as a reader.

  • ~ Comments are love. Since I’m overly-dramatic sometimes, receiving my first comment at Karoshi gave me a surging feeling of fulfillment. It’s a system of give and take: bloggers and commenters feed off of each other. A post will generate comments, and the comments generate the enthusiasm for the blogger to make more posts!
  • ~ Experiencing the WordPress Dashboard. An organized, systematic way of posting things! YAY! And options like “Post Slug” (I still don’t know what it is btw) and Post Timestamp make me shout out in glee.
  • ~ Making cool anime-blogging internet friends! Which I still haven’t managed to do, but I’m sure it’s quite awesome.
  • ~ Being allianced with Os and Caliburn! This is sort of like the above point, but not really. I used to look forward to Os’s posts during his days of Kono Sono because of his humorous style of writing, and followed him and Caliburn over to Karoshi faithfully. I may not look up to these guys as much as Os does to Garten, but it’s funny how I now write for the same blog that looked forward to read every day.
  • ~ I just like pimping the blog at school. That’s all.

So in conclusion, my journey through anime blogging so far, I can say that it has been vigorous. Not many readers get the opportunity of the transition from reader to blogger. I had just impulsively sent in a sample of my writing when Karoshi needed a new member, and was most surprised when I found out they were actually interested in me >_>; Only time will unravel my “anime blogging fate” now, so let’s just sit back, watch the anime, eat the cookies and keep blogging.


Note from the editor: okay, that last part was by me. I work her like a dog, and now she gets all sentimental and junk? I must not work her hard enough. Lolis these days.

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  1. 1. tj han

    January 4, 2007,7:39 am

    LOL. It’s not as difficult as you make it sound, damn it. You talk about it as though we are going through the army… oops I did, maybe that’s why nothing fazes me. I am big macho soldier ok.

  2. 2. Deathy

    January 4, 2007,8:53 am

    It’s not that easy too, just like Zee said, make some original posts on a regular basis it’s kinda hard.

    But as long as you have something nice to say, people will read and comment about it (ok, that was stupid).

  3. 3. impz

    January 4, 2007,10:00 am

    ahahahaha~ I guess my blog entry on New bloggers getting viewership is particularly appropriate in this case.

    It’s definitely not easy to be a blogger, especially if you want your blog to be known. It’s not a rewarding job but most of all, we just enjoy blogging. That is why we blog.

    Still, it’s tiring when you have to churn out something all the time and keep yourself differentiated. Sounds like life to you already, no?…hahahaha~

  4. 4. DiGiKerot

    January 4, 2007,1:01 pm

    You mean you are actually supposed to put effort into blogging?

    Bah, screw that, its far more entertaining just being random and not caring about traffic in the slightest ^^;

  5. 5. zanarky

    January 4, 2007,1:57 pm

    What anime is your screeny on the bottom from?

  6. 6. marty

    January 4, 2007,2:38 pm

    “Magical Pokaan” – Special 2

  7. 7. j.valdez

    January 4, 2007,3:38 pm

    I agree with you. I feel like a perpetual noob when it comes to blogging even though I’ve been at it for half a year now. I think over time blogging, for me, has turned into the act of pouring every ounce of my soul into a little tiny ball of mushed up soul and banging it against the keyboard a few times. Then when the size of the post is sufficient I publish it.

    It’s all scientific and orderly, really.

    Also, I’m trying to find ways to attract a larger loli demographic to my blog, any suggestions?

  8. 8. Os

    January 4, 2007,4:10 pm

    Offer candy and “lots of fun”

  9. 9. The Zee

    January 4, 2007,5:27 pm

    @ Tjhan – Not everybody has Dumbledore powers like you :P~

    @ Deathy: Precisely!

    @ impz: That blog entry was fascinating to read, btw~

    @ j.valdez: And add some pictures of pretty anime boys, fo’ sho. XD;

  10. 10. Akua

    January 5, 2007,12:48 am

    It’s funny that you feel this way about writing, because it doesn’t seem to me at all that you have any trouble writing a decent post. Irony! ^ ^

    And as long as blogging seems fun, I hope you keep going! (Kozu wants me to add that us lolis should stick together, but I wouldn’t want to say that directly for fear that others might point at me and laugh. Hence I give the blame of an embarassing comment over to him.)

    In any case, cheers to your future posts. (:

  11. 11. The Zee

    January 5, 2007,3:52 pm

    @ Akua – It’s true, as long as you find blogging anime enjoyable, then it’s fine. It was sort of bumpy for me during the first week or so, but I eventually found my rhythm, so I’m happy now ^^;
    This is just what I’ve noticed, mm-hmm.
    (We should stick together and slowly dominate the world!) *dorkdork*

    Thanks for the encouragement =]

  12. 12. Kyle Korleski

    January 6, 2007,11:22 am

    The post slug is only relevant if you have pretty permalinks enabled. From the looks of it, you do not have that enabled.


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