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Genshiken Episode 13 OVA- Fapped More to This Than Ero-Doujin

Posted on January 7, 2007 at 5:28 am by ()
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I put off watching this episode until now because Genshiken is one of my top two favorite anime of all time -Hachikuro being the other series, of course- and I felt that if this episode did not get my full 100% attention, it would be blasphemy. I’ve been keeping myself back for two nights now because I was sleepy, and if there was a chance that there would be a moment where I would think of anything that ISN’T related Genshiken, then that would not be the time.

When the time came, OH it was good. Sure, it’s pretty loyal to the manga, so it may bore some people, but just being able to watch it animated again, it just felt so good. When season 1 finished, I felt like crying -note: I didn’t really, but I was welling up-. I wasn’t going to cry because the scenes were moving, but it was a series where I felt such a good connection, I didn’t want it to stop. I wish it was like One Piece: it never ends. This episode really brought back those amazing feelings.

“What makes this show so good”, many people ask. Some thinks it’s boring because it’s so slow animated. But I think that it’s the opposite. My favorite scene of the entire thing was where Saki was just sitting on the windowpane looking outside while everyone else was sitting there reading manga -well, most were-. Scenes like that are just so simple and beautiful.

I dunno what’s up with today’s weather here in Virginia, but it felt like spring. It was amazing weather. Seeing this scene makes me remember that awesome weather again and I can just picture myself in a room with a buncha friends reading manga with the window open and the breeze from the awesome weather just blowing in. This show just makes for great fantasies but can also brings back good memories. It’s almost real to a point where if a scene in this show seems familiar because it may have happened to you before, you can totally relate.

One of the other things that really stuck out to me while watching this episode were the seiyuu. For some reason, in this episode, just hearing those voices again made me feel nostalgic. There were three that got me. First was Ohno. Ohno’s seiyuu (Kawasumi Ayako) really took the cake for me. I dunno what it is, but Ohno just sounded much cuter this time around and even cuter than the voices I make in my head when I read the manga.

Then, there were our two new characters, Ogiue and Kuchiki. As I was watching, I couldn’t put my finger on who the seiyuu is for Kuchiki was, but I KNOW I’ve heard that voice somewhere. It turns out, it was Saburo from Keroro Gunsou (Akira Ishida). I thought it was someone else at first, but I knew that voice. Well, either way, before this episode, I never really liked him. But now, he’s rather funny. The reason? I’m betting it’s because it’s been animated. As for Ogiue (Kaori Mizuhashi)… she could sound a bit more broody… but I’ll take it.

I’m not too fond of the new Opening, though. I can stand it, but if you’re going to keep the Ending, might as well keep the same OP. It’s only going to be a few episodes, why change now? I’m sure when I watch it a couple thousand more times more, it’ll grow on me. At least it’s the same artist.

All in all, unless you’ve been drooling for this, like me, then it’ll be simple fun. But iIf you were like me, then… well, let’s just say this beats ero-doujin anyday.


Oh my God! You killed Ogiue! You Bastard!

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  1. 1. Matte

    January 7, 2007,8:11 am

    When Kuchiki hit Ogiue on the head was a big wtf moment for me (haven’t read the manga or anything). Too funny. ^^ I can’t believe they decided to release that other crappy show instead of more Genshiken though. What were they thinking, seriously! I’m not even sure I’ll survive the long wait between each episode now that I’m reminded of how awesome the show really is. 🙁

  2. 2. Pip

    January 7, 2007,8:43 am

    First, Kujibiki Unbalance is excellent. Secondly, Osu man, if you would just stop Skyping all the time, you wouldn’t have to put these things off.

  3. 3. wildarmsheero

    January 7, 2007,11:34 am

    I still don’t see how you can hold the Genshiken anime in such high regard, but whatever.

    I do find it quite funny that Athrun Zala is Kuchi tho.

  4. 4. lolikit

    January 7, 2007,12:58 pm

    Don’t stop Skyping, Osu~


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