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Mythical Creatures, They Are Not

Posted on January 9, 2007 at 10:31 am by ()
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Inspired by this, I’m going to do a quick post. Ooooh, I’m so adventurous.

Here was a conversation I had with my friend in the morning:

“Hey man, how’s it going with the situation with her?”
Dude. I dont know. One moment she’s ignoring me, not giving me the time of day. Then later, she’ll be all nice and wont stop talking to me through AIM… God damn tsunderes, man.
Uh, nevermind.

So there we have it. Tsunderes are not fantasy, they are indeed, real living creatures. They wear human skin so watch out.

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  1. 1. tj han

    January 9, 2007,11:42 am

    LOL. I have seen a few actually in real life. Yours is not tsundere, just a mood swinger.

  2. 2. The Zee

    January 9, 2007,4:52 pm

    What exactly is the defination of a tsundere?

  3. 3. Seth

    January 9, 2007,5:38 pm

    Zee, look at that FSN image up-top; it fairly well diagrams the tsundere idea.

  4. 4. Seth

    January 9, 2007,5:40 pm

    err, actually that one is too low-res. one sec



  5. 5. lolikit

    January 9, 2007,7:38 pm

    You’re a funny guy, Os. Pip told me something about this girl and glasses…

  6. 6. Os

    January 9, 2007,8:01 pm

    Glasses 24/7 or bust, dude. OR BUST

  7. 7. jpmeyer

    January 9, 2007,11:04 pm

    Actual conversation with my parents:

    Mom: She’s awfully pushy, isn’t she?
    JP: Huh?
    Mom: Like how she got annoyed when you were wrapping her Christmas present and started doing it herself.
    JP: Oh, that’s not pushy. That’s tsundere.
    Mom: …

  8. 8. Pip

    January 10, 2007,7:00 am

    Just give me a dere dere any day.

  9. 9. valezuka

    January 12, 2007,10:49 am



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