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Code Geass’ Dirty Secret to Success… and I Mean Dirty

Posted on January 12, 2007 at 5:24 am by ()
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Now, a while back I wrote a post about getting into Code Geass. I also wrote about how I was surprised by it’s high level of achievement on the awesome-scale but I had no idea why it was that awesome and addicting. Note that if you dont come here often or read my stuff , I’m more of a shoujo/josei/romancy show type of guy. And though I do like the occasional action/adventure/shoot ’em up series, it usually isn’t on the top of my to-watch list if there’s something else, say, something like Nana for instance.

Now to the topic at hand. Code Geass Episode 12. HO SHI-. First off, the ending was a splendid scene. I love scenes where there is something falling, and in this case, rain. These melancholy -LOL- type scenes are what I live for. Code Geass has this ability to make endings that make you drool for the next episode, and this was one of them. It was simply great and now I cant concentrate in school because I’m thinking of episode 13 -slight exaggeration-.

That is one conclusion I reached. The other reason is this:… ZOMG, SHE’S TOUCHING HERSELF. DID YOU JUST F-ING SEE THAT?! Okay, you dont actually see it, but it’s implied. There is no doubt in my mind that that megane is touching herself to pictures of the Princess. Poor Nanully. If only she wasn’t blind. -Nice fanboy angle there, too, huh?-
I actually saw this episode a couple of days ago and I’m surprised I didn’t read anything about it… or rather, any posts dedicated to this fact alone -as I sorta expected. Also note I haven’t read other blog’s reviews for this episode yet, so maybe it was mentioned-. But either way, WOW. This is not REC. This was here for pure fanservice. I have no other idea why they would put that magnificent scene in.

And there you have it. Code Geass is the #1 to-watch show because it strikes the cord of every fanboy. CLAMP could never be prouder.

In other news… awesome ending, huh?

Please dont think dirty things while I’m talking!

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  1. 1. Pip

    January 12, 2007,6:31 am

    I might consider watching this show before I disappear from the internet.

  2. 2. Seth

    January 12, 2007,11:39 pm

    @Os, those screenshots aren’t very illustrative, but yeah she’s totally schlicking to the princess. But…you’re surprised? Have you not *seen* anything Sunrise has done in the last five years? This is like their bread and butter.

    @Pip, you should; it’s highly enjoyable.


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