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The Anime Graduation Paper and Me Part 4 + I’m getting old

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There comes a time in every boy’s life when he turns the ripe old age of 18. Time to get cracking on those H-sites and be conscience free.

I think I’ve out-grown anime. Silly cartoons. Here are parts 1, 2, and 3. Suggestions always appreciated.

Having two perfectly good examples of a cartoon and an anime geared towards the children audience, a basic image of a children’s show should be formed and we move onto a popular children’s anime that took not only Japan, but the world by storm in the early twenty first century: Pokemon. Pokemon followed Satoshi as he goes on an adventure to be the best that he can be in one particular field. He leaves his mother and hometown in order to become stronger, meeting many friends along the way, and of course, learning many lessons about himself and his pocket monsters. Pokemon can also be considered a children’s anime with the exception of one episode in which a gun was pulled on Satoshi. This episode went on to be entirely cut out of the American version and here we begin to start to see the differences between anime and cartoons despite their similarities. Though it was simply just one scene where a gun was pointed at Satoshi, the American company in charge of the distribution thought it was not suited for children and cut the entire episode, while in Japan, it was still aired normally. Be it the vast cultural differences or something else, in Japan, anime, even if it is primarily geared towards children can contain situations where it passes the boundary line between an adult and a children’s show and not have a single parent bat an eyelash at it.

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  1. 1. Anime Alcove

    January 13, 2007,6:11 am

    I’m not sure if you can outgrow anime though, I started when I was 16 and I’m still watching it today at 22. I know what you mean though about censorship in America and that is why I get my anime from Japan, subbed, because that way I don’t miss out on anything. For some reason Americans have this thing about children and violence, but they neglect to watch half the shows out there now. Kids Next Door and Danny Phantom both contain cartoon violence, but the difference is, its all fantasy. No guns or anything, just things that do the same thing with different ammo or something, and always a bunch of little fight scenes. The problem with cartoons in America is that they are all geared at people under 12, yet still show violence. In Japan, they do make anime’s geared towards older people, which is common in their culture. I know America has tried it and succeeded with shows like Family Guy and the Simpsons, but the shows hold no substance, they are random things every single episode, no drawn out story lines, etc. That’s why Cartoons are classified as children’s shows and anything drawn on a piece of paper always will be. American’s won’t accept any form of animation as geared towards adults, except the few cartoons they show on late night TV. If you ever want to read my blog though, the links animealcove.blogspot.com and I discuss anime at this point in time. I do plan on getting into other things dealing with anime though so keep an eye out for a political type piece sometime soon.

  2. 2. Raz

    January 13, 2007,7:06 am

    Just a quick note to say I’ve been following your articles and really like the points you’re making. So lucky to be able to incorporate anime into your school work!

    Keep it up and good luck ^_^

  3. 3. Pip

    January 13, 2007,8:25 am



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