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Nodame Cantabile Ani-Episode 1 – Non-Stop Lovin’ Found Here

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Surprised? No. Not this time. I KNEW the anime’s plot was going to be awesome going into it, so this high level of awesome-ness did not take my by surprise like the dorama did. It seems that it wasn’t a surprise in Japan either according to ANS:” Nodame Cantabile Debut Sets All Time Late Night Anime Ratings Record

“All time record”, they say. No surprises here. No surprises here. I loved it. I loved it. -Okay, I should stop repeating myself-. You know how sometimes the animated version of a manga can be a bit slow because you already know what’s happening? Yeah, didn’t happen here. I enjoyed every minute of it. And speaking of manga adaptation, this show was supposed to be pretty loyal to the manga. Truth is, I’ve only read one volume and I dont remember much, but it was pretty much the animated version of the dorama. I’m not complaining, though. I LOVED that too.

And you know what else I love? J.C. Staff. When I heard that Nodame was being animated by J.C Staff, I got excited. REALLY excited. In my first few Ouran posts, I couldn’t stop praising it for it’s beautiful animation and detailed background. Now Nodame’s background is not as elaborate as Ouran’s… but damn it, I’ll still rave about it. It was top notch. Top notch, I tell you. Add that to the fact that it looks like Honey and Clover –also done by J.C-, you cannot go wrong with this show. You just cant. Note: I’m DEFINATELY NOT implying that J.C. did Ouran. DEFINATELY NOT. Because we all know that’d be untrue.

As for the seiyuu. I cant “critique” them on the voice acting, but the actual voices aren’t that bad in the end. I’ll have to get used to Nodame’s and Chiaki’s because I keep on waiting to hear Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi but Nodame’s is cute enough, so I’ll live. It’s Chiaki’s that I haven’t gotten used to at the end of the episode. He sounds a bit too much like Eto-sensei, -who, along with Tanioka-sensei, is on the dot seiyuu-wise, by the way-. I cant wait to hear the other characters. I’m sure Saeko‘s voice is just inimitable, Eita‘s just too much of an asshole so you cant imitate him either, and Koide Keisuke (Masumi) will be pretty damn hard.

And of course, the most important factor: the music. I’m glad they’re using the same songs from the dorama -for the most part-. The Opening, though not classical, is still rather catchy and I cant wait to get my hands on a copy. The Ending… not so magnificent, but I’m sure if I listen to it enough times, I’ll like it too.

Now that you’ve heard my do nothing else but praise this show… I’ll continue on after this break:

…break in wind

The best thing the anime did that the dorama couldn’t do was Chiaki’s airplane/trauma scenes. In the dorama, it was nothing but “lawl look how fake that is” but in the anime… well, it’s just destined to look better –still lawl, though-.

Really, if I went on, I’ll just name something about the show and say “I liked/loved it” so I’ll spare you the trouble. If you haven’t seen this or the dorama, watch either one. It’ll be great.

It’s a magical wonderland

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  1. 1. wildarmsheero

    January 15, 2007,11:23 am

    Ouran was done by BONES. Just sayin’ given you suggest it’s made by JC Staff, when it isn’t.

    But yeah, this first episode was fairly entertaining. I can’t say I loved it, or even liked it, but it was good. The character designs don’t look very good, but they’re not ugly either. They’re just kind of plain and un-attractive.

    I’m not sure how long the premise can hold me, given it’s fairly generic. You know, the whole uptight dude meets free-spirited woman thing. Been done one million times. The only twist here is the music part, which isn’t that exciting and Kenichi Kasai’s directing, which is still as a sharp and as rapid fire as it was in Honey and Clover. The only part that really bored me was the bit where they were both playing at the end. Bored me to tears. I don’t like classical music too much :/

  2. 2. Os

    January 15, 2007,12:51 pm

    That’s because you’re a brute. And damn it, I think you should re-read that JC staff paragraph.

  3. 3. Anga

    January 15, 2007,2:46 pm

    First episode was too average. Given that I live to see these kind of shows it’s disappointing…

  4. 4. wildarmsheero

    January 15, 2007,7:54 pm

    Nice work with the strike tag there, Os.

  5. 5. Pip

    January 16, 2007,3:36 am

    Don’t falter in the face of these skeptics Osu. Our fanboydem will hold us together! LK-tachi don’t know what they’re talking about.

  6. 6. Pip

    January 16, 2007,3:38 am

    BTW, I noticed you broke your post a day rule. I noticed! I guess I’ll forgive you since it was your birthday. Still, where’s a loli when you need her?

  7. 7. wildarmsheero

    January 16, 2007,4:38 pm

    more elik fangrrldom am i rite

    you bunch of women

  8. 8. Os

    January 16, 2007,5:02 pm

    You just cannot appreciate genius when it slaps you across the face and then appologizes later on.

  9. 9. nowhere man

    January 16, 2007,5:25 pm

    Rock on, Os.

    I’ve only seen the first episode of the drama, and as a comparison, I think the premiere ep of the anime flowed better and the comedy was more natural. That’s a given though.

    Nodame’s seiyuu is too cute to comprehend (I LOVED the Farting Song).

    Is it too early to call this the best show of the season? I don’t think so.

  10. 10. Os

    January 16, 2007,6:07 pm

    @nowhere man- Is it too early? I dont think so either.

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