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Honey and Clover Live Action Movie – Slice of My Life

Posted on January 21, 2007 at 5:28 am by ()
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As I barely begin this post, I’m already thinking of stopping and going back to rewatch it. Dont misunderstand, this movie was not the best movie I’ve ever seen -unfortunately- but it was still good enough. I’ve been hyping up this moment for myself ever since I heard about it so I’m pretty damn surprised at how I approached this movie with an open mind rather than in rabid fangirlboy mode. When I watched Hana Yori Dango S2 and the Prince of Tennis movie, I hyped myself up so much, anything they spewed at me, I would’ve loved even if it was total crap.

There’s just something different about Honey and Clover. Not a bad thing, but something. Either way, I still liked it and I’m probably going to actually pay to go get myself the legit version. But seeing as it’s a live action adaptation, there was destined to be some dissapointments, right?

Right. I have to get this out of the way. I’m dissapointed in a variety of things. The biggest thing is Morita. Simply put, a lot of things that went wrong for me somehow linked back to Morita. First off, he’s just not giving off the same vibe I know and love. In this movie he’s too “I’m cool” rather than spacy, energetic, and weird. He’s also always wearing sleeveless shirts. Not sure if he’s trying to show off something, but Morita doesn’t wear sleeveless.

Next was the Takemoto and Morita relationship. They were essentially strangers in the movie. I was REALLY REALLY dissapointed in this. I wanted them to have the chummy relationship in the anime. Despite them being foes in love, it’s still good to see such a caring and respectable relationship between them in the show. Hell, actually, the entire group just doesn’t feel close. Sure, there’s not enough time to show all the trips they go on, but they share more than just being physically close to each other. They’re the Fab Five after all.

And the last thing about Morita: Where’s my goddamn brooch? What the hell is this flying rabbit monstrosity? Arrgh.

Now, to things not related to Morita. I guess since I mentioned Takemoto already, lets get to him. Sakurai Sho will always be an Arashi member to me. His voice over parts are Takemoto-like, but that’s about the best part. I’m not going to complain much about this as I still enjoyed having my favorite scenes with Takemoto reenacted -even if it’s by a Johnny-. Oh, and he needed to dye his hair white/grey.

Mayama was portrayed rather well, but I just didn’t like those self examinations he gives when he’s by himself in his room. Sure it drives in the point that he sorta feels bad and wants to stop, but everytime I saw it, it just bothered me slightly. But like I said, he was still portrayed rather nicely. Not as cool as in the second season, however.

Yamada was also not so bad. Cant complain much here. I hear she did extra practice to seem/sound like Yamada and that gives her extra points in my book. She’s not as violent/semi-tsundere as I would assume (eg: as seen in the movie Warau Michael), but eh. She’s passes.

And finally, my dear dear Hagu. I loved her the most. Aoi Yuu is just so damn cute. I remember seeing her in Hana and Alice and she was damn cute there, too. I cant wait to see her in Mushishi. She’ll probably be damn cute. I wish her paintings were all extracts as we know Hagu is supposed to make super amazing art with any style, but I guess they still looked beautiful in the end.

Speaking of the art, like I said, Hagu’s art is pretty and I really liked Morita’s tree sculpture despite the fact that it was supposed to be “messed up”. The best of all, though, was his soy sauce-dragon painting. F-ing amazing. Just F-ing amazing.

As for the music, I’d like more Suenohair and Suga Shikao, but the music they chose wasn’t so bad for the most part. Once again, just not like what you’d be used to so that may slightly bother some, like me.

This has gotten fairly long so I’ll stop for your and my sake. Overall, its still enjoyable if you loved the series as much as I did. It didn’t make me cry, but then again, the series was pretty powerful. It did slightly move me, so if only it was longer… I’m gonna go re-watch it now.

Thank you, Mr Butt

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  1. 1. DiGiKerot

    January 21, 2007,4:32 pm

    Moive Mayama was too much of a nerdish jerk. I really don’t get what Yamada would seen in the movie version of the character, something which I really didn’t feel about the character in the anime.

    I do agree that Morita is an utter trainwreck of a character in the movie, though.

  2. 2. Shirukii

    January 21, 2007,4:36 pm

    Hagu ftw indeed. I was surprised how they portrayed the Takemoto and Morita relationship, I too thought they would be more friendly.

    Also, I just realized…where the hell was Nomiya? He played a fairly important part in both seasons, and I would import the DVD in a microsecond if I got to see Yamada try and roundhouse kick him XD

  3. 3. air!

    January 22, 2007,3:28 am

    Finally snagged it for myself and checked out the first 10 mins: I already don’t like it 🙁

    btw, you may remember me as mad_seeg in #animenano~!


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