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We’re Not One Of You! Look At Our Rooms Part 2 *Caliburn Edition*

Posted on January 28, 2007 at 6:00 am by ()
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Hahaha, oh wow. How can I follow up on Os’s room entry? I mean, damn. Frilly curtains, hello kitty stuffed animal and beanie. Whew… Well I hate to disapoint the lot of you looking for a good laugh if Os got your hopes up but my rooms a bit not-so-feminine.

The deal with my Room is that, at first glance, it’s not really the room you would expect of someone who writes on an aniblog. It’s more or less just your typical college students room, well, a bit neater than a typical college students room. But if you look close enough, beneath the surface you’ll see some tell tale signs of an Otaku living there. I’m gonna one up Os on this entry and include pictures of my room and if you click on them you can see them in a nice High resolution.

Alright, here’s an overview of my room. Absolutely no poster whatsoever. Shocking, I know, most people fill their rooms to the brim with posters and then have odd moments with members of the opposite sex when they see it. Right Os?! My rooms pretty small but I managed to pack in a TV, bed, DVD/Manga shelf, Computer desk, and a futon. And yes, black is my favorite color for furniture.

Just a shot of the futon here, very comfortable and I spend most of my time when I’m at home relaxing on it. I got some books underneath it if I ever feel like reading.

…Okay that was a lie, I broke the front support bar and those books are my *new* support. MCSE for Windows 2000 Server? pfft.

Here’s a shot of my TV stand. One of my hidden Otaku bits can be seen here, though just barely, can you find it? I’ve got my Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox360, and PS2 hooked up here. My Wii is downstairs on the big screen in the family room. because apparently my parents play the damn thing more than I do. Addicts. The regular Xbox seen up there is used almost solely for watching anime. I modified it a couple years back and changed it into a nice media center. Plays just about everything fine. Lately a lot of groups have been using h.264 encodes in .mkv file types which the old box can’t run. I frown upon groups who pull this bull.

Did you notice the Otaku item I mentioned above? Well here it is. a small mini Ichigo Mashimaro calendar. I love the month of January now since I wake up to Chika every morning. (it’s right beside my bed). Though next month I’m stuck with Matsuri… :\

Right here’s the computer desk. Yes I use a mutilated 5 year old Dell as my main desktop PC. However my Laptop beside it is just a couple months old and it kicks some might fine ass. Yes you do see World of Warcraft down beside my desktop, I play a Blood Elf rogue on Daggerspine named Onsakumaru (yeah, boy). DONATE ME GOLD IF YOU’RE ON THAT SERVER, I’M SERIOUSLY POOR ;.; Aside from the Death Note and Keroro Gunsou wallpapers there’s yet another Otaku item here, which you probably can’t see because of the stupid flash.

Aaaand right from the newly released Volume 1 of Solty Rei in the US came this little art box filler. I also plan to do a bit of a dub review of Solty Rei soon enough. For now I’ll just say that it didn’t suck. I wish the actual DVD box set containers artwork was as nice as the space filler.

Well I’m sure this is the one most of you have been waiting for, my DVD/Manga shelf. Check the high resolution shot if you wanna read which DVD’s and manga’s I have. Or you could just check out my Anime and Manga collection lists at ANN. I’m not such a cheap and poor bastard as Os is and I support the anime industry buy buying DVD’s, Legit ones at that! …except for the Ranma 1/2 TV series. Viz can blow me if they expect me to pay $100+ a season. Got a couple of swords, knives, and throwing blades on top.Those I had before I really got into anime, I just thought samurai were cool when I was younger. Yes the anime and manga are both arranged alphabetically And on the bottom shelves are a couple misc DVD’s, Titus seasons 1-3, an edition of Le Muerte d’Artur. and some random junk that I have no place for.

Up until two weeks ago I was completely clean of figures. Didn’t own a single one of them and was proud of that fact. Then stupid Nippon Ichi America just HAD to email me about their Flonne and Etna figures they had on sale. I resisted buying the Flonne figure for a good month and a half before I finally broke down. I mean… come on! It’s Fallen Angel Flonne! I don’t care how gay the heart stand looks, I’m content with having just one figure, and that figure being this one right here.

Well that’s my room. It’s mostly a simplistic modern style, I despise the thought of covering my quiet, white walls with posters and throwing figures around on any free space I have, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t mind doing it, I guess. And no, I don’t normally keep it that clean, but I took the pictures shortly after I cleaned my room up a bit as I was expecting a lady friend over that evening. Anyway, this is how a real man’s room looks, I hope you took notes, Os. Black furniture, black NON FRILLY curtains, and a complete and total lack of ANYTHING Hello Kitty.

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  1. 1. wildarmsheero

    January 28, 2007,9:57 am

    Matsuri is the sexiest IchiMashi grrl tho~

    And Solty Rey is lame 🙁

  2. 2. Caliburn

    January 28, 2007,10:33 am

    Both of your opinions are horribly wrong.
    Solty Rei = Win
    Matsuri = Biggest piece of FAIL in IM.

  3. 3. wildarmsheero

    January 28, 2007,11:24 am

    I’ve seen every episode of Solty Rey, and lemme tell you: it sucks. Biggest waste of 12 hours. If only Speed Grapher had that budget….

  4. 4. reslez

    January 28, 2007,11:42 am

    The Flonne figure is awesome! You definitely need some posters, bro… just to relieve the soul-draining emptiness of those colorless walls! You have a PSP too? I’m jealous, I don’t even have a DS lite… However I congratulate you on the cleanliness of your personal quarters. You win the prize for the cleanest room so far. FTW!

  5. 5. Ravage

    January 28, 2007,11:44 am

    >> Both of your opinions are horribly wrong.
    Solty Rei = Win
    Matsuri = Biggest piece of FAIL in IM.

    Almost, Solty Fei is ok, but not great and Matsuri should be defined as the only thing wrong with Ichigo Mashimaro, except the ep with her Nyaa~ speech. 😉

    >> I play a Blood Elf rogue on Daggerspine named Onsakumaru.

    Hell yeah! “Ninin ga Shinobu desu!”

  6. 6. Os

    January 28, 2007,12:10 pm

    >> I hope you took notes, Os. Black furniture, black NON FRILLY curtains, and a complete and total lack of ANYTHING Hello Kitty.

    Then you’re not a man.

    Oh, and Matsuri is the best character ever created under the legal age.

  7. 7. tj han

    January 28, 2007,12:22 pm

    Matsuri is the weakest link. And yes, I’m still victorious.

  8. 8. Os

    January 28, 2007,12:47 pm


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