You could say, anime dealies?

Wanna know a secret?….

This place has not only one, but THREE writers! Our youngest and loli-est one has even written us a story. [insert AWWWWWW].

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away, there were two knights. These knights were in search of a princess, except they didn’t know who the princess was. All they knew was that they needed one. Knight Os and Knight Caliburn were on their travels in the land of Karoshi, when they came across a Loli Princess, dressed in a pretty poofy dress of purple. The princess was holding out her thumb like a hitch-hiker, which tempted the two handsome knights to stop and talk to her. Why did they want to talk and not just stop? Because she was a princess, and they needed one.

The princess was very pretty, and cute, and her superiorness was evident, and the knights realized this. They had stopped by many other princess on the vast land of Karoshi, but after much pondering, they decided that this Loli Princess was the one they wanted.

So, after jumping on Knight Os’s pretty green horse, (Green horses only exist in the land of Karoshi) and giving Knight Caliburn’s horse a carrot which she just happened to have, the two knights and the one Princess rode away into the vibrant orange and red sunset, ready to make a happy future together in the land of Karoshi.


She also wrote something about herself… while Os and Caliburn still have nothing. Just how loli IS she?: ”

~ I’m 14
~ I’m a female
~ I dislike people who have prejudice towards younger people. Or older. What ever. People not the same age as you. Rawr.
~ I live in Ontario, Canada. (I’m Canadian, EHH! I have no idea where that “Eh” originated from.)
~ I fangirl, obsess and ramble often. :D
~ I like cookies. A lot. Too much. Cookies = love.
~ I enjoy using asterisks (*) and strike-outs. (tralala!)
~ Drama, English and Track are my favourite stuffs. Subjects. Things to do? Things to show off in?
~ Zaynah is nerdy very studious. 8D
I guess we’ll just get to know each other as time goes on, ne? ^_^ ”

Awww, she’s so cute.
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