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381. Nodame Cantabile Ani-Episode 1 – Non-Stop Lovin’ Found Here

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Surprised? No. Not this time. I KNEW the anime’s plot was going to be awesome going into it, so this high level of awesome-ness did not take my by surprise like the dorama did. It seems that it wasn’t a surprise in Japan either according to ANS:” Nodame Cantabile Debut Sets All Time Late Night Anime Ratings Record

“All time record”, they say. No surprises here. No surprises here. I loved it. I loved it. -Okay, I should stop repeating myself-. You know how sometimes the animated version of a manga can be a bit slow because you already know what’s happening? Yeah, didn’t happen here. I enjoyed every minute of it. And speaking of manga adaptation, this show was supposed to be pretty loyal to the manga. Truth is, I’ve only read one volume and I dont remember much, but it was pretty much the animated version of the dorama. I’m not complaining, though. I LOVED that too.

And you know what else I love? J.C. Staff. (Read More »»»)

380. The Anime Graduation Paper and Me Part 4 + I’m getting old

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There comes a time in every boy’s life when he turns the ripe old age of 18. Time to get cracking on those H-sites and be conscience free.

I think I’ve out-grown anime. Silly cartoons. Here are parts 1, 2, and 3. Suggestions always appreciated. (Read More »»»)

367. A big Cross-Series Update: By Caliburn

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You’ve probably all forgotten me by now, but I’m a writer here on Karoshi, my name’s Caliburn. Lately I’ve been way too busy to watch anime, let alone blog about it, with parties, school work, video games (Still can’t put down Gears of War), and my lovely new Wii in the way. But here I’ll give you all a quick sum up of how I think things are going with the series I was tracking.

Death Note: This was my top pick for the season at first, but I haven’t watched any of it since episode five. Why is this? I don’t really know, the directing and scenes in episode one were FANTASTIC in my opinion, the music, scenery and artwork is pretty top notch. but as I waded through the episodes I realized that Death Note is just better suited to be a manga. There are so many thought provoking inner monologues and mind games that it just doesn’t look good on the screen. Also, I feel like it’s moving really fast. When I first got into the Death Note manga, there were four volumes out in English by Viz, so I’ve just been picking those up as they come out. No scanslations or anything, the long gap and lengthy amount of time it would take for me to read through a volume felt just right. I’m not sure if some other people feel the same way as I do about this, perhaps it’s because I have some more unique circumstances with the way I paced my reading of the manga.

Negima?!: (Read More »»»)

379. Code Geass’ Dirty Secret to Success… and I Mean Dirty

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Now, a while back I wrote a post about getting into Code Geass. I also wrote about how I was surprised by it’s high level of achievement on the awesome-scale but I had no idea why it was that awesome and addicting. Note that if you dont come here often or read my stuff , I’m more of a shoujo/josei/romancy show type of guy. And though I do like the occasional action/adventure/shoot ’em up series, it usually isn’t on the top of my to-watch list if there’s something else, say, something like Nana for instance.

Now to the topic at hand. Code Geass Episode 12. HO SHI-. First off, the ending was a splendid scene. I love scenes where there is something falling, and in this case, rain. These melancholy -LOL- type scenes are what I live for. Code Geass has this ability to make endings that make you drool for the next episode, and this was one of them. It was simply great and now I cant concentrate in school because I’m thinking of episode 13 -slight exaggeration-.

That is one conclusion I reached. The other reason is this: (Read More »»»)

377. Hana Yori Dango Live Season2 Episode 1 – Model With A Vengence

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I dunno if I’m hardcore enough to start calling Hana Yori Dango “Handan”, but the moment I heard that there was a season 2, I couldn’t go long without thinking about it and drooling all over myself. Let me start off by telling you my long arduous adventure. But speaking of subs, if you’re still looking for them, go to arashi.vox for soft subs. From episode 2 on, she’ll be releasing hardsubs, so I’m very thankful I didn’t have to redownload 1.3 gigs. Poor girl. Apparently she’s also being messaged 24/7 about downloads and stuff. The moment her site was linked on d-addicts, I bet her hit count skyrocketed to outer space but so much pressure was suddenly pushed on her. Thanks again, arashi!

So my adventure. It was worth it in the end. The wait, that is. After I heard about the subs, I would refresh arashi.vox’s page and the d-addicts thread every couple of minutes in hopes that some new news would show up. I did it for an entire night on Sunday, and when I finally gave up… she uploaded it on Clubbox. Now for those not in the know, Clubbox is all in Korean so I didn’t bother to go through the walkthroughs. I just had the suffer a long day of school. (Read More »»»)

378. Ikimonogakari – Ryuusei Miracle (Ayakashi Ayashi OP)

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Ryuusei Miracle is the opening to the anime Tenpo Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi, and it is by far the most favoured theme song of the fall anime season.

The PV is rather unusual and the meaning or story behind it isn’t clear, or maybe it just doesn’t have one. Either way, it’s pretty obvious that shooting starts have magical powers and are able to come out of people’s fingers. Yes, the video is very odd and the first thing that I thought after watching it was, “What??”. But no, it isn’t strange enough to be classified as “eccentric” (we have YUKI for that). It’s just that, “What?”. (Read More »»»)

376. Mythical Creatures, They Are Not

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Inspired by this, I’m going to do a quick post. Ooooh, I’m so adventurous.

Here was a conversation I had with my friend in the morning:

“Hey man, how’s it going with the situation with her?”
Dude. I dont know. One moment she’s ignoring me, not giving me the time of day. Then later, she’ll be all nice and wont stop talking to me through AIM… God damn tsunderes, man.
Uh, nevermind.

So there we have it. Tsunderes are not fantasy, they are indeed, real living creatures. They wear human skin so watch out.

375. The Anime Graduation Paper and Me Part 3

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One again, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Parts 1 and 2.

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